first_imgApparently, I am a sucker for a hilarious YouTube video. I was totally lured in by the web commercial for the Dollar Shave Club, a clever viral marketing video talking about how inexpensive their shaving equipment is. As it just so happens, I had just that week taken the $35 hit to my wallet for a new 6-pack of blades for my razor, so I went to the website to see what they had to offer.It’s an incredibly simple setup. The first month of your service with Dollar Shave club you get a handle and three heads from whichever of the three choices you pick from. There’s a two blade kit for $1/month, a four blade kit for $6/month, and a six blade kit for $9/month. If you get anything other than the $1 kit, shipping and handling is included. Since I was going to give this a try, I figured why not go all out and get the six blade kit. According to the website, you can downgrade anytime you want, and you’ll be sent a new handle that next month for free.Three heads is just about what I go through with my existing setup, so even with the most expensive kit I was saving money. What’s more is I didn’t have to remember to pick them up, they just show up right around the same time every month. So, I pulled the trigger, and about a month and a half later my first kit showed up.The package featured more of the clever humor that caught my attention in the first place, as well as the handle and three heads in a protective plastic case. Pretty much the same setup I would get from buying a kit in the store. The handle for the Executive kit has a good weight to it, and is covered in rubber grips.I decided to make the new razor work a little harder on the first shave, so I didn’t shave for a couple of days before using it. Considering this was a six blade head, I didn’t expect it would have any problems. Six blades is probably unnecessary, but I liked the design of the Executive handle more than the middle. The shave itself was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Gillette Fusion Pro (or equivalent razor), and it cleaned out just as easily.The Dollar Shave Club razors are a pretty good deal. Not necessarily because the blades are any cheaper than you would get if you bought this same kit in bulk, but because of the automation. As a frequent forgetter of grocery lists, knowing that right around the middle of every month a new set of razors will show up without any additional effort on my end is pretty great. This isn’t even a particularly new concept, you can setup automated repeat orders of a lot of things on Amazon. In this case, it was just the right combination of marketing, ease of use, and a decent product. With that, I have a feeling I will be using Dollar Shave Club for awhile.last_img