Month: March 2017

The city’s primary and secondary schools kindergartens and social education institutions more preca

according to the unified deployment of education departments of the provinces and the city’s school arrangements, influenza a H1N1 influenza prevention and control measures has been further strengthened, the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and teaching institutions have taken control measures to prevent epidemic outbreaks further on campus.


a day for students

September 18th, the city of Chaoyang School, Nanshan Road Primary School Principals, said in an interview with reporters, by the higher authorities allotted fast body temperature detector has been put into use in 17 and put into use. Thirteen in Xining, Xining fourteen principal told reporters, the school is now concerned with contact, fast temperature detector will soon be in place. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce of Huangzhong farmers to solve the difficult to sell vegetables

is on the side of the high market price of vegetables, while the farm fresh vegetables can not sell, a troubled Huangzhong county vegetable farmers, in order to expand the real estate sales to help farmers sell vegetables, "slow food", recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce four District Organization Department of Commerce and the sea Lake Road in the wholesale market, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center distribution enterprises to help farmers solve the problem of poor sales of vegetables give advice and suggestions. read more

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Tax law publicity

in the afternoon of March 21st, the Qinghai provincial state owned holding company five floor conference room atmosphere. It turned out to be a local tax bureau in Xining City, a group of 8 people to come with the Qinghai provincial state owned holding company and the company’s financial controller and the person in charge of the 6 units of the tax forum.

forum, tax cadres explained more than 120 thousand yuan annual income levy personal income tax declaration form, the scope of the enterprise income tax policies and regulations and changes; and the western development preferential tax policies and procedures for the record, especially for people more concerned about the "country of five" 20% housing transactions tax policy in detail. This forum warm atmosphere, the tax department of a change in the way of publicity, change roles, door-to-door service, to discuss the knowledge of tax knowledge, finance, point to point and relevant personnel of enterprises face, place guidance in place, interpretation, and people learn to understand the place, tax cadres as "people", narrow the tax the distance between enterprises. (author: Gan Haifeng) read more

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Xining 87 old family member courtyard will be changed

since the bankruptcy of the enterprise, the family members of our hospital no one management, garbage mountain high. It’s going to change!" April 7th, the city of Xining, north of the mountains and the family members of the foundry residents Zhang looked at the construction site said happily. In order to implement the requirements of the Xining municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the implementation of fine service, the north of the city will focus on solving the problems of poor sanitation, poor management, etc.. Mountains casting plant family member courtyard is the first residential renovation this year, at present, the North District Urban Management Bureau is stepping up construction, 8 days later, the family hospital will be fundamentally changed. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce Branch held chuangxianzhengyou Activity Analysis Council members

According to the unified deployment of "chuangxianzhengyou" activities leading group, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Party branch was held on the morning of August 30th " chuangxianzhengyou " Activity Analysis Council members

in accordance with the unified arrangements of "city chuangxianzhengyou" activities leading group, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Party branch was held on the morning of August 30th " chuangxianzhengyou " Activity Analysis Council members. All Party members and party activists attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Party branch secretary, deputy director. read more

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Special rectification so that the eastern new wind

Recently, in the east area of educational practice, to the mountain of the sea, Yong lazy luxury, masses difficult problems, carry out the 22 special rectification activities, so that the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to celebrate the bursts of fresh air. Will effectively improve the wind, strict control of the number of documents, streamline the types of information, compared to last year, the meeting fell 11.8%, the document fell by 5.3%. Carry out a thorough investigation of 53, focusing on the 22, the rectification of the problem more than 30. Of the 16 staff members in violation of discipline of the bulletin, which given a demerit of 3 people. For official vehicles to carry out the "five no" special rectification, repaying the borrowed car 13, the existing 1 units Gongjusiyong problem to be criticized in the region, and the illegal use of the bus driver to be dismissed. The county leading cadres take the lead, qingtui super standard office space 334 square meters. On the region’s 40 budget units of financial discipline implementation, public consumption and three funds for the focus of inspection, compared with the same period last year, three funds decreased by 13.8%. Not as slow as a special rectification work, as of now, the admissibility of complaints 6, involving 6 people; supervise the handling of the pieces, involving 4 people, have all gone through. To take the double three schools of the measures for the implementation of the village of the 2 weak and lax rectification of the problem to the village of the "village" of the 6 general issues to carry out rectification work in the village of. Resolutely investigate and rectify the problem of discipline violations in the grassroots cadres, transferred to judicial organs suspected of nest 1, organized a rural warning education conference to strengthen grassroots honest government work.   read more

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Xining traffic accident processing speed every day to eliminate 30 possible congestion points

last year, Xining city traffic accidents fast processing, rapid insurance claims service center handled traffic accident claims case 5196, the superiority of the mechanism to resolve due to traffic accidents caused by traffic congestion, traffic police department for the purpose of fast fast lose and insurance combination has become increasingly prominent.

claims through fast fast processing, for a minor traffic accident, the traffic police department to implement fast and fast pay insurance one-stop service, a minor traffic accident promptly evacuated, to speed up the processing speed of the traffic administrative department of the accident, reduce road congestion due to traffic accidents, improve road traffic rate. Last year, service center handled non contentious cases since 3641, the average daily may have 30 congestion points, if the police and insurance companies to the scene, each case is calculated for 30 minutes, there will be nearly 1100 hours of road congestion. In addition, in the service center, three party site office, the rapid handling of the accident dispute up to 1561. read more

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Xining branch of the people’s Bank of China and the province’s foreign exchange management conferenc

February 1st, the Xining branch of the people’s Bank of China and the province’s foreign exchange management conference held in Xining. The meeting reviewed and summed up the work of the past year, the deployment of the work in 2010. Vice governor Gao Yunlong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Gao Yunlong pointed out in his speech, 2009 is a very challenging year for the financial front, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, Qinghai focus on the overall harmonious development, adhere to the "capital growth, people’s livelihood and stability" as the main line, conscientiously implement the national monetary policy and provincial government arrangements the deployment, with the national industrial policies and the province’s economic development focus on credit oriented, to increase the credit and optimize the credit structure, turn crisis into opportunity, because, according to local conditions, effectively resist the impact of the financial crisis, through the "most difficult year", which plays an important role in the province’s win "gratifying situation good economic and social harmony, improve the people’s livelihood". read more

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Today the weather clears up in Xining

over the past few days, most parts of our province have been snow, affected by this, starting from the evening of 25, the province’s highway closure of nearly 20 hours on the road of two. Reporters learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the cold air began to leave the territory of the province, this year, the province will usher in sunny or cloudy weather.

it is understood that the 25 day to night, the surrounding area of Qinghai Lake, the province of Xining, Haidong, Huangnan appeared precipitation, among them, the Republic, Menyuan precipitation 2.5 mm, reached in precipitation, the rest is dominated by a small amount of precipitation. The precipitation also caused Longhua and Menyuan, Jigzhi on the morning of 26, there were 3 centimeters of snow. Ma Ping highway safety to the people, and Ping a highway because of snow on the road, from 25 to start at the beginning of the two-way sealing road to 26, about 15 hours before the resumption of traffic. This cold air gradually left the province yesterday, from 26 noon, the temperature in most parts of the province slowly picked up, Xining from the day when the temperature of minus 14.5 degrees to pick up to 16 when the temperature of 1.6 degrees. read more

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Wages paid by the province’s special inspection start

reporter from the Provincial Labor Supervision Bureau, 12 departments of the provincial human resources and social security department and the provincial development and Reform Commission, the public security department, Justice Department, finance department, from November 25th to 2017 before the Spring Festival organized in the province to carry out special inspections of payment of wages for migrant workers.

It is reported that

, the scope of the special inspection of the migrant workers is the use of various types of employers, focus is to recruit more migrant workers in construction, mining, electricity, transportation, water conservancy construction, manufacturing, catering and other labor-intensive small and medium enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, especially government investment project construction and steel construction enterprises coal, overcapacity and other enterprises. read more

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