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data in

marketing positions or work, data sensitivity, generally there will be some potential requirements. There are times when we often experience delusions of feeling or experience. So data analysis is especially important.

himself usually likes to record all kinds of digital things, such as one month, one day, one day, one point, what to do, and then how long, and what kind of changes have taken place. Remember in the previous company, I have always stressed the importance of data, combined with their own work, in the process of website promotion, will inevitably come into contact with the number of visitors, the number of IP, and the bounce rate, conversion rate, residence time. These are data for the web site itself. read more

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After the establishment of

network marketing strategy, must have specific implementation strategy, in the implementation of the strategy, we should change the "Qi", well versed in the art of war, "those who fight to being together, with Clipsal, Qi is the change, not be poor". Used in network marketing, the so-called "strange", that is, special and changing strategies and methods; the so-called "positive" is a regular, mature marketing strategies and methods. He changes, circulation is infinite, judgment and accurate use of network marketing personnel. read more

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use the phonetic catalogue


everyone has always thought that the Pinyin directory is very useful for Baidu, but recently, according to my own observations, it seems that Baidu has changed the directory of Pinyin,

I currently have a few stations with Pinyin directory, some of the months of the collection is not ideal, it began to include a lot, and then reduced to 2 pages, has been going on for a long time, the content is absolutely original. But a lot of people to reflect this problem, there is a lot to reduce a lot of included, a new power station test instrument from uploaded to Baidu included with the 10-14 during the day, every day around the spider climb, the last big update was finally put out, only 2 pages, the page has been maintained at 2 not in charge. Maybe the Pinyin directory is too long, too much of the server’s hard disk resources. Baidu reduces the list of phonetic alphabet included. This problem is not an individual phenomenon, so the effect of the phonetic catalog is decreasing. Please be careful with it. read more

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as of June 2008, CNNIC survey, Chinese Internet users online access has been approaching 100 million. In the first half of 2008 alone, Internet users increased by 28 million. This means that nearly 40% of Internet users are from Internet cafes channels. As China’s largest offline network, here, how the Nuggets have been the focus of attention in the industry.

people in Internet cafes recently quietly found that many Internet cafes have appeared on the computer "play the game" and "movies" and "chat" three eye-catching color icon, just use the mouse to click on the one you want to use the services icon, which will be arranged in a series of related Internet products, including games, movies, music, video, web site, users can not only from the fast selection of products and services they need, and according to the different products and services can also enjoy the exclusive special offer promotions, and simply pay any Internet products to buy. read more

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website also has about 3 years, just by virtue of their own interest to do, before and after the 2 site, now a continuously updated, one has given up more than half a year, the site of the process, happy things or more, but also know a lot of friends.

remember, the first website is about design, and now has to give up more than half a year, but the domain name can also, so has been still where to put, here does not put the domain name, so as not to say is ad.

at that time, just graduated not long, every time paid to always want to throw money to the website, buy space, domain name registration, and then find the program, change the interface, busy today, for others to see the beautiful interface, without demur to take over a few days to see others beautiful, then all night do interface, so a while after a year. read more

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shop operation is more and more difficult, many sellers are pulled out of Taobao, the feeling is not a souvenir, because what? Is this Taobao above shop did not achieve the desired results, or directly, that is the owner of Taobao is not profitable, so here we can think of, now Taobao store competition is more intense, the survival of the fittest is often staged show on Taobao.

to do business on Taobao, not to open a shop, upload some baby, then watch series, movies, etc. Finally, the buyers come to buy your baby, so you can make money, you are not holding this model to make money if profitable? Is this attitude, I see you still don’t do it, because you do basically is not purely is a waste of time. If you want to improve your ideas, you can look down. read more

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a few days ago, due to business need to do a station to do business platform, update their brains, but a brain capacity is limited, the website update progress is too slow, the traffic of the poor, alas! Regardless of the consequence, we are not afraid of others gossip from other web sites to find to delete the head tail cut good pseudo original began, the most important


may be talking about pseudo originality, some people despise the face, face disdain. I am here to say that you are wrong, and there is a good saying: imitation is human nature! No small wooden boat, where to big ship, pseudo original, as long as the original difference, and that is progress. In ancient times, there were hundreds of families, the dregs, the essence of the said. But the original also depends on how you pseudo method, after all our purpose is to put others into their own, and it is getting better, if it. That is when smiling beauty, beauty does not matter, but people spit is bad, then do not dare to look at you article. read more

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, May is a brutal month, the climate has become hot, the Internet also with the Baidu web search quality white paper released a wave of drop power K climax.

ask, how many SEOER miserable?. To the author, the main project decoration enterprises to optimize the site has also been affected by its promotion.

This website main keywords

I do is bath design, although the keyword ranking is not very good, but the use of a large number of long tail words to do so more visitor loyalty, and a more accurate, UV every day can reach about 150. However, since May 12th, the site has been in the above state, all keywords ranking all. read more

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Micro-blog, the

operating company, is actually running a newspaper. Corporate culture and internal employee work life. Micro-blog will also be flesh and blood, make people look like a "living" person, appropriate and timely output of corporate culture and values, will also be sought after by fans. In this article, lists the eight major mistakes micro-blog enterprises should avoid, and hopes to be helpful to the business owners.

error 1. Error in personnel arrangement

first of all, any micro-blog is involved in operating personnel, many companies think casually find a few people can, in fact, a big mistake. read more

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Ps: seriously look at the statistics, in February 13th, there are IP from Baidu, and accurately, the site was included in the fourth day Baidu.

this morning, yesterday’s data analysis, we found that there are several sources of IP is Baidu over, get a look, it is through the "name of Avatar" this a few key words over, then open the Baidu site:, the original site of the day before yesterday has been Baidu included (snapshot of the time is February 12th). Although only the website home page was included, but still very happy, this is a better signal, the beginning is expected about 2 weeks time was Baidu included, only 4 days included, very happy. Well, today and we simply talk about Baidu included problems. read more

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usually we are in the webmaster group, it seems that someone sent such a message, "now do what site is good, do what website to make money", and so on similar news. Yes, what do we do now? What kind of station can make it easier for us to collect our money? I believe this problem. Every webmaster wants to know. Including me, I also want to know, of course, even if you know, not everyone will succeed. Here to share my choice of two industry station

I, hotel industry,

chooses this industry to consider a lot of time, the hotel hotel that the whole nation makes is very good, also carry Cheng, art dragon, where to go a dozen. These websites do all of the hotels in the country, while my is just a local hotel in Xuzhou that narrows the scope and makes it easy to get resources. If such a website is nationwide, there is no investment in some funds, it is difficult to see the results. To narrow the scope is not the same, the funds do not like Ctrip, eLong, and so they have to support a large number of funds, reducing the cost of capital investment. read more

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talking about free space, I think most webmaster should use it. Domestic free space is very much, like free, 5944, etc., these stations provide different standards of service, users are different, and thus also issued a different voice. No matter what is ultimately free will not have so loudly!

free, as free space is that you can not get money spend on others can get the service! Said the free space is a service and I think that everyone who would deny! Appeared free space to allow more grassroots novice and do not want to spend money there to show their chance of the site, many problems have been found in the process of using free in space. Users will judge some space for good or bad. In this way, on the one hand, it can help some unwitting users to choose the space providers correctly, and the other side can make the space to face up to some problems mentioned by the users and improve the service quality. read more

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when you open the mailbox when a station, billing, and other service porn spam has filled your mailbox when slow, when you are in a heap of spam in hard to find a friend sent mail, when you open the mailbox click on an email will prompt you to mail drops, landing again will not be able to access the when you are not disappointed to this mailbox? This is known as the technology known as the world’s largest search engine Google’s mailbox, Gmail

let me down!Since the launch of Gmail service in 2004, read more

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Google AdSense advertising, advertising because the price is high, so has been the main source of many domestic advertising revenue and economic center, which also has a lot of cheating GG and a monthly income of tens of thousands of individual owners, (when I was in a month of cheating GG3000 knife, took more than 20 thousand yuan, oh that was but since the past) Chinese Google in 08 years in May to Google AdSense (also known as GG account) after a substantial adjustment, not only increase the audit efforts to account for the webmaster, also strengthened the long standing whether cheating increased inspection efforts, but also on the website should apply for the account the conditions are more limited. read more

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when I entered the University, I haven’t thought about what to do in the future, but it’s just an enviable work unit or a gold plated student studying abroad after graduation. So I began to take an examination of G early in order to learn English well and prepare for going abroad or entering a foreign enterprise.

but Yu Minhong changed my life.

Because the

for the GRE exam. I attended the new training courses, commencement ceremony, in order to inspire people to pro forma, let us never give up, Yu Minhong tells us how to choose schools and professional abroad, working and living abroad, and set up their own New Oriental experience. It made me even more aware that American loans, buying a house, health insurance and glass ceiling also made me aware of the importance of networking and cultural differences. The speech not only failed to arouse my enthusiasm for going abroad, but also made me understand that studying abroad or even working in a foreign enterprise was not the life I wanted. In the motherland of this economic prosperity, rapid development of land, and strive to seize China’s economic take-off to bring us opportunities, like Yu Minhong to create their own cause, is what I really want to dream! read more

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the Internet crisis is more and more big, the most let the webmaster is injured is legitimate business forum has also been a lot of space taking out the door, just like a stay at home to the situation. Unfortunately, my main station is the forum, and believe that many webmaster, to the forum as the main core, then the use of web application set polymerization form a content rich website to complement each other, but in the face of such a situation, really have to forum for the posterior early to do, in order to avoid further the loss. In the face of more and more severe domestic situation, foreign host business has become the primary goal of many grassroots webmaster. I personally is how to choose the foreign host, especially in the English level is not high enough, may need to find how to choose purchasing webmaster friends host, to share my personal experience, I hope to do the forum to choose foreign host webmaster friends help. read more

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wrote a "video sharing network status ALEXA data analysis" today, continue to share with you, their video site brand promotion and SEO data analysis. Writing this is only personal interest, we can only refer to it.

      first: talk about ALEXA ranking, TO6 video sharing station brand promotion.

legend 1: (Baidu index of video website brand)

I took 6 video sites, respectively, in Baidu search, the highest index of 3 words.

, in which the single word is the potato web keyword, has 215495 in April 4th. But Youku, in second and third high key words, is far more than Tudou’s second. Third keywords. Therefore, the combination of 3 words together, the highest Baidu index is Youku, so if you look at the Baidu index, now Youku is the highest. That is, branding is best done. In addition, I would like to do a more detailed analysis with you. read more

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the network team a few days ago held activities, the author found that established one or two years ago SEO QQ group activities group members rarely do they have in a muffled fortune? The final investigation was informed that they a lot of transformation or change. This reminds me of the difficulties I often encounter when I am doing promotions with my friends and writers.

1, technical level

a few years ago I also love to ask predecessors, do SEO need to grasp what technology? Then the predecessors diligently answer, need to master the search engine principle, PS, DW, HTML, div+css, JS, PHP commonly used functions and grammar and basic knowledge of MYSQL. In addition, even writing, data analysis, familiar with the one or two source program, will toss bidding or network etc.. The author has been misled by this sentence for more than 1 years. read more

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the time I wrote my entire four years experience of the site, which on some of the experience of my own, but would rather call for lessons. As a result of their own dishes, the following points, but also just suitable for some of the friends who just built it. If it is a veteran, I think we can not see.

, if you are not on site family, that will look, see bearish, secondary, daily or weekly update time can see, rather than keep every day recently in front of this damn computer.

two, life and the network can not shoulder to shoulder, first make your own choice, and then do the website. That is to say, your future life is in reality or in the network?. read more

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