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webmaster friends everybody is good, I give you today share a theme, the theme is: how to improve the webmaster should love Shanghai to promote the weight of keywords ranking is? How to use love sea weights to promote the keywords ranking.

to the page score are more important: on station content score. This part mainly divided into the following parts:

what is love and love Shanghai Shanghai weight, weight is how to calculate? Mentioned this problem we first take a look at what is love Shanghai weight, we first need to figure out what is love Shanghai love Shanghai for weight weight? We weight of a web page, this page if we love Shanghai weight we are very high, the keywords ranking will be better. What is the weight of love love Shanghai? Shanghai is a weight scoring mechanism based on the love of Shanghai. What is the name of the scoring mechanism? How do we understand? It is easy to understand, is love, the rules of the game, just as when we exam you consider how many, give you a score, the same love, Shanghai also has such a scoring rules, according to "give you a score assessment weight you" received the value. Love Shanghai specifically for weight is a "weight scoring mechanism. The better you get high score, your ranking is very good. Vice versa。 Since we know that the weight is what love Shanghai a thing, so we need to understand is that he really is how to score. What is his request? Then to talk about it in the end is how to sort the. read more

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in Google search results

: "try around the link text too want to pay it on cloth shares 贵族宝贝 shares me want to pay it on me tin cloth, see in addition to the radio, can let my blog in the word row up." Zan Hui said: "after 18 minutes, the baby has included noble broadcasting, and search" shares want to pay it on me tin cloth "appeared."

today, micro-blog has gradually become a new means of marketing, and has been recognized by many industry company. Today, the famous network marketing experts Zan Hui (aka Zac) the effect of the rankings micro-blog link test. read more

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online free open source station program, for experienced webmaster, know what kind of program is more suitable, but for the novice webmaster, may not know what the CMS is more suitable for the web site. In the site before the site needs to know what is required to make the template function, interface design requirements, site requirements for plug-in is too high for content sites generally can choose the basic CMS system, such as dedecms, PHPCMS; if community discussion type can choose discuz; if the electronic commerce website, can select the shopWe shopNC program, etc.. At the same time, owners in the selection of the corresponding site program to consider the safety and stability, choose high security procedures, to ensure the normal operation of the website can access and. The program of search engine friendliness is also need to consider, at present some commonly used procedures of the station are carrying Shanghai Longfeng personalization, convenient site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization settings. read more

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search to India, to Acne Mask, to acne products. The conversion rate is not.

(3) love Shanghai statistics

> We can For example,

Bracelet industry inside have agate bracelet price, the price of jade bracelets, jade bracelet agate bracelet how much money, how much these keywords excavated is through love Shanghai for the background, but also have high conversion keywords.

keyword For example:

I believe most of the webmaster headache, keyword ranking always do not go up, one month, two months, half a year, according to the personal site found that many companies in the accumulation of keywords, correlation and do not say first, mining keyword conversion is very low, so I have to dig keywords high conversion rate. The website profit, following me to share some mining high conversion rate of key skills. read more

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4, to prevent people posing as spider love Shanghai. If your site bandwidth congestion, caused by this phenomenon may be due to people posing as Baidu spider malicious grab. If >

is a search engine inside a URL index database, so the search engine spiders is starting from the search engine server, along the existing web site search engines crawl a page, and the page content to crawl back. After the page search engine will be collected, analyzed, separate the content and links, content temporarily do not say first. After the analysis of the link, the search engine does not immediately sent spider capture, but the links and the anchor text recorded to site index database analysis, comparison and calculation, finally into the index library. After entering the URL of the index, there will be a spider to crawl. read more

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no matter how optimistic Parker holds, Airtime’s difficulties are objective, and one of the most important things to ignore is the variability of people. Parker admits that from Napster to Spotify, his role is simply to control the direction of the product and tap potential growth opportunities, while the pilot’s position is left to those who are more skilled at leading and operating. Without the highly strategic managers of Shawn, Fanning, Mark, Zuckerberg, and Daniel Ek, there would be no Napster, Facebook, or Spotify. However, in Airtime > read more

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Finally, the author sum up,

, the old site optimization is a long process of accumulation, with the escalation of the search algorithm, as the old station we should also adjust and analysis timely, old website devoted to our stationmaster of a lot of effort, but the situation is really rankings ups and downs let us tangled and worried we, in order to reduce the loss to a minimum, I recommend or >

skills: not just cheaper to buy some low quality servers, and ultimately affect the normal site access speed and it can ensure the smooth user browsing the website, secondly, pay attention to daily optimization, the station optimization of continuous improvement, with a steady flow to do. read more

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in a blood running education, we Xiaofeng software has changed the operation ideas, we first from the concept of change, in the operation of the site and operation, all operations to the user experience. The website construction from simple to complicated, website operation ideas focus on user experience. The concept of change is the first step of our lottery website operation work.

2, user preferences

We started We see the

made the website operation friends can feel the pain of working place. This website is not bitter operation in the construction site, copy editing and website promotion. But at the same time, the website operators need to master these skills. Such as lottery products such as station, not at the same time with you a website designer, a copy editor, a website promotion specialist, 3 people at the same time to finish the work needed. Because the business station is mostly small sites, the boss will think not so many people. In fact, from the lottery system, website operation experience, to do a website operation generally required, designers and website and website promotion staff 3. read more

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why, founder of Shanghai Longfeng Cardiff said: look at a website optimization is not the main keyword of the website, even if the master key is very powerful; if a website traffic only from several main keywords, is terrible.

? Shuttle

above is love Shanghai No. 5.25 statistical data statistics. In fact, the word "Hebei Shanghai dragon" can give Shuttle this blog to bring so much traffic I didn’t expect, you know, in fact, go to search for "Hebei Shanghai dragon", Shuttle has three pages of this blog after another, the principle is not what traffic, I think that some traffic should is Shuttle friends, or before often focus on the Shuttle blog Shanghai dragon enthusiasts. read more

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1, users can understand the current position, understand the web page on the site in the structure of position.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

6, will be able to establish a perfect embodiment of the site of the internal links, better meet the user browsing experience, so as to improve the residence time.

5, spider is convenient for crawling, creeping expansion path, increase the depth and breadth of crawling.


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical read more

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server stability on the site is also influential, there is the same server on a penalized site may also affect their own site, then the replacement of a new server may make your ranking back. Of course, I recommend the best choice for an independent IP host, and others do not share IP, often these small details can decide the success or failure of the.

6, a wide range of Web site

2, 301 to the new domain name

believe that many Shanghai Longfeng personnel are afraid of site right down to the arrival, which is easy to meet, so the site to drop right, we should first analyze how to operate? What is the website drop right: website down right refers to the search engine for website evaluation level drops, is a kind of punishment on the search engine the website of the. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time will recover. read more

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reverse link: do not believe those who help you promote a massive increase in the reverse link that these people are usually using stations or some query tools to do the reverse link, and do not say these backlinks there is no help for the site, if the new search engine has not been fully trust under the condition of sudden increase the chain, the search engine will think you are cheating, it is worse if the promotion of the black chain to increase the chain, even if the weight of the site up, sooner or later will be K down, think about your pay, it is The loss outweighs the gain. The right approach: new sites included early you should use the original article, should try to cut the keyword polymerization of long tail traffic, after included in the search engine, step by step way every day quantitative increase your backlinks, and add the chain according to a certain proportion; this can do a solid anti chain accumulation. read more

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2, new assessment period is not stable. The data show that most page snapshot of lost website, belong to the new assessment period, no more than three months. Just a snapshot of updates is not stable.


website snapshot disappear, nothing more than two kinds of situations: the internal situation, also is the site of their own reasons; the external situation, love Shanghai update, database problems. We have a detailed analysis about the two kinds of classification.

recently met the webmaster about the website snapshot missing questions in each big forum, especially love Shanghai 8.22 algorithm update, this situation is even more widespread, a website I have unfortunately so. Through the observation and analysis of this week, I come to discuss with you under the recent love disappeared like Shanghai, how to solve the read more

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structure of the siteThe structure of

station, misoperation here should be the robots file written, many websites included are playing a part because robots writing error, shield the spider to grab the page.

1:robots file

website design is not reasonable. The design of website structure is unreasonable here compared to the site of the main difference, context details not smooth. Is mainly reflected in the physical structure and logical structure of the web site design structure (URL structure) design is conducive to rapid guide the search engine spiders to grab at the same time, the problem will cause the website structure is not conducive to the transfer between the various pages of the website weight. This will cause the problem of "included. read more

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many webmaster in the Shanghai dragon, a little feeling when doing act with undue haste, keyword optimization, in order to make the keywords ranking rise fast, and do some violation of the rules of search engines. Keywords accumulation is the most common mistake of. Without the possibility of forbearance, keywords accumulation is helpful for the website ranking, but in the long term, it is unwise. Take a simple example, in order to let the webmaster keywords inside of an article by the reader’s attention, in an article in a large number of lead accumulation keywords, an article completely lost the readability, then you can for my readers after reading this article will have what feeling, second will see the answer? Apparently not. More serious is the search engine. read more

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and the website of the program, no URL standard (i.e. our website program, bind any a domain name, can be a normal visit).

1. why my website with no WWW and no www ranking, ranking, and all the chain before the web site is

2. Why

a site: domain贵族宝贝

贵族宝贝 and site:www. Site: domain name domain name贵族宝贝 contains many articles is the same.

key: 1. plus www domain name is actually belong to the two level domain name, and without WWW is a domain name,


2. contains the amount of site:贵族宝贝 domain and site:www. domain, included the amount of贵族宝贝 varies greatly. And also there is read more

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In order to clear business for the entrepreneurial life and life will bring what change

The requirements defined by

even entrepreneurs with product experience sometimes fall into the same trap. Successful operation of the school network founder Xu Zhaojun little net, trying to copy foreign light blog site Tumblr is brilliant, but little ultimately failed to meet market expectations, other China imitators have also disappeared. The reason behind the same is the economic and cultural background of China and the United States led to different user differences. The Tumblr type light blog represents a small minority culture, but in the United States, a high standard of living, vacation and love to share a large group of users, Tumblr still do support the international market, these conditions do not have little net domestic. Coupled with micro-blog and watercress two social platforms have squeezed the survival of light blog, after a year of entrepreneurship, little dot into a difficult to maintain the state. read more

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the following facts prove:

hey, Wangzhuan, Speechless

concerns stationmaster net two years, from stationmaster net just established to go up all the time, so the article of stationmaster net is casually put forward, I can have an impression. Remember, in the last year, Adsense net with a very prominent pen and ink, in a week of continuous posting, exposing the liar understand the tricks. However, in less than a few months, people actually published a book, but also kept in the Xinhua Bookstore issued, beyond Han Han included in the bestseller list. Today I saw a station in my shlf1314 ads: earning 500 yuan book signing ads, they risk being shlf1314 K point in, did not expect to understand the personal blog. The article in the blog, it’s called "earthshaking". I am a real one, one of which also wrote the domestic SEO master Wang Tong to Shandong, Qingdao looking for him, he and friends with five star hotel’s highest standards of reception. I sweat…… Wang Tong is also, and a liar. read more

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tell me these I Wangzhuan not earn money, even now I haven’t reviewed advertising but I do not give up. Brain with the current Internet wave is changing, you will not pay attention to when people are kicking you can not swim, you kick into the water, ha ha.

this article for Doug West emotional website doudouc webmaster original, please civilized justice reproduced


internet change rapidly created a group of webmaster, this cake everybody looked at the Internet looking forward to a bright future, but the real success has several people? Do not say first what is the definition of success, at least to be breadwinners! According to incomplete statistics, there are more than half of the income in 1000 webmaster Friends yuan, no income accounted for the larger site, what is the reason why we fail? Today Guardian on these vital issues related with everyone. read more

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first, we know that the existing domestic website traffic is mostly from search engines, especially Taobao off site promotion so we must grasp the trend of search engine keywords to Taobao customers. Look at the individual feel superior to the promotion of goods shop promotion and other promotional types from the promotion type, because consumers usually buy things on the Internet is in the search engine or taobao input commodity name rarely entered directly related to store information, enter the shop is more senior Taobao buyers and Taobao shop seller for viewing related shops the sales, so we recommend you try to do the promotion of goods rather than store promotion; from the commodity search traffic look sh419 index, we can find women’s clothing products index is quite large, but also more long tail keywords to do; transformation from Taobao > read more

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