Month: September 2017

Love Shanghai search shows some experience of website CO con

1, yet no channel for. That is to say whether your website is well-known, and the audience is the way how much traffic there is no way for ICO icon display.

3, standard internal regulations by love Shanghai. We often say that is the default.

2 icons in the ICO website is love Shanghai internal automatic mining, the actual range is very small, the scope of mining will extend slowly behind. Is the love of Shanghai has its own set of rules, without any external interference. But other sites still have a chance to be selected and displayed. read more

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To the chain will eventually lost youth

global Chinese community rankings ranked first! Was selected one of main chain promotion platform, because of its powerful user resource group, n related topics Post Bar. And interactive, update soon, every time to leave the chain in a hot topic in a lot of people will click.

once, the chain for the emperor; once, we can do all the chain; once, give you one hundred thousand of the chain, the website can easily have love Shanghai superior ranking… Once, the chain had a glorious youth, the chain had an irreplaceable position, the chain is a shortcut to quick site ranking! But now, the continuous adjustment of Shanghai love to update, the chain has vanished, the role of the chain is weakened constantly, even by the majority of owners abandoned. "To the chain will eventually lost youth" to the webmaster, we had had read more

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To investigate the adverse effects of Shanghai share love brush thumb will cause to your site

looking for someone to love Shanghai little finger brush share number this strategy looks very attractive, even if we are not sure of its influence on the site of Shanghai dragon, but in the search results in the little thumb on the share number really can attract visitors effect. But the theme of this paper is not to say it, I want to say is not easy to brush this value, because it has a certain impact on our site, either from a perspective of a search engine or the user friendly experience perspective. read more

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Millet and Sogou gay Why millet routing with Sogou prefetch engine

router with strong competitiveness in the price, function is not too obvious originality, alternative market similar products, the very route, a small degree of routing, 360 secure routing, as well as the upcoming Tmall magic tube, coupled with the traditional router market many brands, the market competition is fierce millet, routers need a function to unique with other routing products segment.

route 360 main security card, the main card for millet quickly, however, the performance of router manufacturers the gap is not very obvious, what is the way to further improve the millet routing speed? This time, Sogou appeared. read more

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These factors will determine your website should adopt what kind of strategy and means of Shanghai D

these belong to the site itself.

for a long time do SEO practitioners are clear: Shanghai dragon and any other things are the same, are in need of specific problems and specific analysis, there is not a truth everywhere. Why? Because there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can be seen on the Internet, books, Shanghai dragon training institutions, this knowledge is almost as not for you to solve any website optimization problem. Some owners may think: "I can follow the online method to operate, will certainly have the effect". But you need to know: the specific circumstances of each site each, when faced with a particular website, we need to make a concrete analysis of concrete problems, which is not in accordance with the optimization method for the Internet, can not be blindly applied to other sites. As the Shanghai dragon as a diagnostic proposal, only for a web site, other sites for execution is certainly not read more

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The website is k processing method

Many webmaster When writing Before the

this factor will also cause the search engine to your site K. The webmaster do website optimization, will go to some blog forums outside the chain, but many owners do not understand the novice chain skills, but to blind the hair of the chain, and even some people go to the mass of the chain, the chain and blind group chain may lead to the site was K. For example, your website is the core keywords "Nanjing Shanghai dragon", then please don’t send in the chain of the anchor text, always send "Nanjing Shanghai dragon" the anchor text, because of the single anchor text point to the home page search engine will think you are deliberately cheating, which caused by K, causing irreparable situation. read more

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Novice Shanghai dragon you must know the secret

novice Shanghai dragon you know the secret: when a new station started the station Shanghai dragon, you may be very confused, sometimes very helpless, how to open the new Shanghai dragon road, today every thorn God from four to uncover the secret.

: for search engine optimization does not have enough patience

two: Shanghai dragon too quick

in the beginning did not come into contact with some of the most basic construction of the chain, based on the blind writing based optimization, will lead to the work efficiency is halved. read more

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Love Shanghai user experience and high quality articles in the optimization chain are indispensable

site optimization article first master is regularly updated, this paper pay attention to originality and value factors. The Shanghai spiders love we all know it every day to crawl and crawl websites are based on a certain frequency for those who have the value of high quality content retrieval, which included treatment. So the author thinks that the webmaster in the process of the optimization of the website must adhere to the original update every day, in the process of updating the author or make a small suggestion, pay attention to value factors of website content changes, our general operation as long as it is something original collection is not a big problem in the sea, but with the change of the recent love Shanghai algorithm, influence of weight and website ranking by the user behavior of things that are already well known, if we update the original content to the search engine, the value > read more

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Love leads to the site Shanghai dropped 10 factors

wonderful chess ink do not know for sure all will lead to love Shanghai right down, Shanghai dropped the factors of love, but this is still your own had some down the right factors and cognitive experience, share in order to avoid detours in the process of Shanghai dragon. The following factors leading to love Shanghai dropped random list, no difference:

Keywords multi station

9. Links removed lead to drop right. This should belong to the seventh, but it will separate out, because there are many website occasionally did not take into account the Links small pieces of wood, many webmaster found their Links will not immediately delete each other, this will lead to a large number of Links also removed the phenomenon will produce. read more

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Note small live to survive in the cracks of the search

through my mind: survival small live in search of the cracks, sleepy.

. Three: the lack of website elements of profit, we expect to make money but think of the advertising alliance, but despite these things we can rely on what money? This is what we lost something, if be relentless advertising alliance K out of the time, we still helpless, helpless. So the website development, initially defined not only think of relying on advertising, once a friend to do medical sites, one day the site more than 10 IP, but his income a month on the more than 10 W, so the website profit channel is not limited to advertising. read more

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