Month: November 2017

Love the whole industry of Shanghai storm invasion what miserable escape down the right site

so sure Shanghai has now started small K station? Because in the two or three Monday straight stationmaster to come to consult our website, and are accompanied by mild and severe drop right. Moreover, love Shanghai webmaster forum also some webmaster released by love Shanghai down the right post for help. In addition, the survey found in the webmaster group, many sites have appeared index >

, the author has told Shanghai will be released in mid May in accordance with the "search quality white paper, and in the second half of the low quality sites were severely punished, and the love of Shanghai is likely to search for" earthquake "beyond the large-scale 2012.6.28 K event. But what happened from the current non conventional phenomenon seems to be realistic, such as love, sea index keywords ranking, website traffic and the website weight is not normal, just a little a bit careful webmaster can see the love of Shanghai has begun to implement the strategy of "search quality white paper. So, what happened in June, is the first to say. Of course, this is only for the love of Shanghai low quality website deweight, if your site is high quality, not only will this love Shanghai processing promotion. read more

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Single page site optimization is the end of time

operation "part-time" talent website, the site is expected to love Shanghai Lailu: 2527 ~ 3876 IP, the site love Shanghai weight value 4, can bring to a website IP traffic is not only the home page keyword ranking, more pages brought by these pages is equivalent to a simple single page site, the more large, high weight site, more traffic brought by the single page, the website could live longer.

single page, page cannot have long lead content updates, to obtain the corresponding rankings, the best is through the rational distribution of keywords, keywords in the page of the weight increase, and then obtain the corresponding search rankings. The main keywords first choose good products to promote, the layout in the meta tag, the site keywords not more than 3, to the user to enter the site through more keywords, can use the long tail keywords optimization. Don’t always think big and whole, do not cause accumulation in the use of meta tags, keywords layout, use keywords and related products, not only can improve the user experience, can also increase the long tail keywords ranking possible. Introduction to natural product page content into the main keywords, keywords to in front of, data analysis shows that: the keywords in the page layout, you can obtain ranking the more likely higher, the corresponding weight will be higher. For Shanghai and Phoenix > read more

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