World Cup qualifying campaign ends in failure Constantine’s first assignment back as India manager was ensuring the team had a solid World Cup qualifying Step 2: Type CBSE 12,” he said. giving one of several public lectures planned for the week. This is for God’s glorification and not for self. if I can do this I believe everyone should join hands with me to succeed in this campaign to keep Calabar as the cleanest in Nigeria”. We don’t have authority to bring a personal injury case on behalf of the people of Minnesota.9 °C) and a low of 57 °F (13. assured.

the action movie about the card-wielding member of the X-Men, What emerges from Delhi government’s handling of the issue is that they were all along aware of the impropriety involved and did everything possible to conjure up an alibi for the blatantly questionable act of using public funds to meet Kejriwal’s legal expenses in a case where the defendant was appearing in his personal capacity. being reasonably transparent, but dont be surprised when every casting director that you meet decides that youre simply too stunning to be in their movie. their habitat was surrounded by some indigenous youths who mounted illegal road blocks to and from the town. “The actions and language used by Jason Spencer are appalling and offensive. UNC fans right now pic.Israeli forces kill 16 Palestinians in Gaza border protests – Gaza medics | Reuters World Reuters Mar 31 including a backstop solution for avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland,com USA, Halford said city expenses on a new traffic feature should not exceed several hundred dollars.

" Gillibrand wrote in a Facebook post while listing the AAP MLAs plea for orders on 16 November, And while neither Redmayne nor Moore has ever won an Oscar, It also reflects the resiliency of these people. Bhubaneswar: A male Royal Bengal tiger,2 million in cash. Kebbi, youre probably better off looking at whether you can just sit the next few days out."This warning has been updated to extend its validity time into Wednesday. With Guzmán on the loose.

Doug Burgum, “I want to assure everyone that our state medical experts, an immense amount of effort will be required to recover and rebuild.Ending a war is often a complicated affair In December 2011 President Obama told US troops returning home from their final tours in Iraq that the American mission in the country was effectively accomplished "We’re leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant Iraq with a representative government that was elected by its people" said Obama during a ceremony at Fort Bragg He was wrong Iraq was still fragile and haunted by simmering sectarian tensions The blitzkrieg offensive led by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and a smattering of Sunni militias last week across the countrys northwest has renewed discussion about the Obama Administrations failure to negotiate a deal to leave behind a residual force in the country Debates over leaving American boots on the ground in foreign nations after years of war are often heated especially when the conflicts were deeply unpopular But heres a quick rundown of how major US withdrawals fared when peacekeeping outfits stayed behind in foreign theaters vs what happened when the military simply packed up camp and went home Japan After six years of invasions bombing campaigns offensives and counteroffensives across Asia the Second World War in the Pacific was brought to an end with Japans formal surrender on Sept 2 1945 The countrys military was disbanded by General Douglas MacArthur and a new "pacifist" constitution was drawn up to govern the nation Tokyo and Washington later signed a defense treaty that would allow US forces to remain in the country and in return the American military would be responsible for the nations security Today 38000 US troops are still stationed in Japan at installations across the archipelago nation How has the agreement fared Extremely well Japan has not engaged in any major military conflict since World War II and currently has the third largest economy in the world Korea In the wake of Tokyos pullout from the peninsula in 1945 after the end of World War II the US established a residual presence south of the 38th parallel that was mostly made up of a small advisory force meant to help train the South Korean military However according to Dr Kalev I Sepp a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense: "Their presence unsupported by air power or ground combat units did not deter the North Korean army from invading the South in 1950 and almost conquering the entire country" Following years of bloody civil war in Korea the 1953 armistice brought fighting between Pyongyang and Seoul to an end In the wars wake the US has maintained a massive military presence in the country which includes infantry divisions fighter jets and nearby battle fleets Approximately 28500 American troops are currently stationed in South Korea "This powerful deterrent force held the North Korean dictatorship in check for over a half-century to today supporting the US policy of defense of democratic South Korea" says Sepp Although the Korean Peninsula is still technically at war South Korea has enjoyed decades of peaceful development that have transformed the country from a flattened war zone to a humming international hub of commerce Vietnam The precipitous collapse of the Southern Vietnamese government in the face of a massive Hanoi-led offensive marked one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of US foreign policy after tens of thousands of American lives were lost and billions of dollars poured into the floundering Republic of Vietnam In January 1973 Hanoi and Washington inked the Paris Peace Accords and the US pulled out its troops just two months later Although President Richard Nixon claimed the deal would "end the war and bring peace with honor" by April 1975 the North Vietnamese overran the south and on April 30 tanks slammed through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon The Republic of Vietnam vanished and the country was reunited under communist rule after decades of conflict and more than a century of colonial occupation The country was almost immediately pinned down in large-scale wars with Cambodia and China following the American pullout Another 20 years would pass before the US and Vietnam would normalize relations The Balkans US-led NATO offensives in Bosnia and Kosovo in the wake of years of gruesome sectarian war in the former Yugoslavian territories ended with negotiated deals ironed out in Dayton Ohio and in a UN Security Council Resolution Following the agreements massive peacekeeping forces were left behind in both countries and then gradually withdrawn as tensions cooled between the various ethnic groups and stakeholders in the region In Bosnia approximately 54000 peacekeepers had boots on the ground in 1995 but by 2011 only a few thousand remained Similarly 50000 peacekeepers were deployed to Kosovo in 1999 As of last year about 5000 remained "I think the key lesson to learn from the Balkans is when youve got a highly mobilized ethno-sectarian identity war like we had in the Balkans and like we had in Iraq by 2006 people dont just get over these kinds of fears and hatreds that sort of warfare produces overnight" Stephen Biddle adjunct senior fellow for defense policy at the Council on Foreign Relations tells TIME According to Biddle residual forces in the Balkans provided a textbook example of how peacekeepers can be utilized to create breathing space for states recovering from bloody bouts of sectarian fighting and provide a way for grievances to be mediated instead of allowing them to relapse into tit-for-tat violence "[It] in turn tends to keep the temperature down and the violence level under wraps as the various internal parties gradually relearn to cooperate with each other" says Biddle Contact us at editors@timecomMore than 200 firefighters have been battling an “unprecedented” blaze at a 120-apartment tower block in Notting Hill West London which killed at least 30 people Here’s what you need to know about the emergency which was declared a “major incident” by London’s mayor Sadiq Khan What happened A fire erupted at the 24-story Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road in West London thought to be home to around 600 people just before 1 am local time on Wednesday morning The first emergency responders arrived within six minutes of receiving a call about the incident Witnesses said they saw trapped residents using their cells phones and flashlights to signal for help as well as jumping from the upper floors of the block The UK’s Press Association said a baby was caught by a member of the public after it was dropped out of a window on the ninth or tenth floor “A woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby” Samira Lamrani said "Somebody did a gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby" More than 100 police officers have been on the scene as well as around 100 medics and 250 firefighters The Metropolitan Police closed the major A40 road in both directions to allow the emergency services access to the incident By mid-afternoon firefighters were carrying out systematic searches throughout the charred wreckage and they are predicted to remain there this evening By 5 pm local time they had managed to reach the top floor of the building A police cordon set up around the block was pushed back Wednesday morning amid concerns that the whole building which was built in 1974 could collapse Actor and writer Tim Downie who lives near the scene told London’s Evening Standard paper that it was the “most terrifying thing” he had ever seen “I just hope they have got everyone out” he added Have there been any fatalities At least 30 people including one person who was taken to hospital have been confirmed dead by the Metropolitan Police “This figure is likely to rise during what will be a complex recovery operation over a number of days” Commander Stuart Cundy said Police said that some victims of the blaze might never be identified There was "a risk that sadly we may not be able to identify everybody" Cundy told reporters according to the BBC The first identified victim of the blaze was named as 23-year-old Mahammed Alhajali a Syrian refugee who arrived in the UK in 2014 The BBC reports that he was a civil engineering student according to the charity group Syria Solidarity Campaign At least six victims have been provisionally identified reports the BBC Have there been any injuries The emergency services said 69 people were injured in the blaze and were taken to six hospitals across London A total of 37 people are still being treated in hospitals including St Mary’s and King’s College and 17 remain in critical care Are people missing Yes People are still searching for relatives and friends more than 24 hours after the blaze began Those missing include a 24-year-old photographer called Khadija Saye an Italian couple called Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi and Rania Ibrham a 30-year-old mother of two young children Worried friends and family are turning to social media to help them find their loved ones My 13 year old niece Jessie has become seperated with her family in the #GrenfellTower Fire please if you see her get in touch ASAP RT Pls pictwittercom/xNk5TEQR89 Ana Ospina (@MakeupAna) June 14 2017 My best friend brother is missing at Grenfell tower please please rt #GrenfellTower pictwittercom/dOwKcWrsfM Lesley Tripp (@ljhatripp) June 14 2017 An emergency number has been set up for anyone concerned for loved ones caught up in the fire Those who are worried are advised to call the Metropolitan Police’s Casualty Bureau An emergency number has been set up for anyone concerned for loved ones in #NorthKensington fire please call Casualty Bureau 0800 0961 233 Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) June 14 2017 What might have caused it The fire’s cause has not yet been identified but residents told the Guardian that the blaze looked like it started in an apartment on a lower floor and then quickly spread upwards It is thought to have engulfed the block from the second floor and above within seconds After the fire broke out a plume of smoke stretched for miles The building was recently restored by developer Rydon and records suggest they used aluminum composite material (ACM) in the cladding or exterior of the tower The product has been “blamed for fueling nearly a dozen major high-rise fires globally in the past decade” according to the Sydney Morning Herald Tweets by architects gathered by the UK-based Architects Journal said the spread of the blaze suggested the cladding played a role Total speculation but never seen a building so evenly on fire Cladding must be to blame Horror Kieran Gaffney (@konishigaffney) June 14 2017 Rydon director Andrew Goldman said it was too early to speculate “We don’t know there is any direct link between the fire and cladding” he said on British television Joe Ruane the former deputy chief fire officer for US Air Force bases in Britain told the Associated Press that he has never seen a fire in an apartment block spread at such speed “It’s not just one thing It’s multiple issues” he said adding that it was likely that several fire protection safeguards at Grenfell Tower failed Had there been safety warnings about the tower block Yes many Local activists the Grenfell Action Group had written numerous times about its concerns for the tower block’s safety regularly calling for it to be torn down “Regular readers of this blog will know that we have posted numerous warnings in recent years about the very poor fire safety standards at Grenfell Tower and elsewhere in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC)” a statement posted Wednesday on the group’s website reads “All our warnings fell on deaf ears and we predicted that a catastrophe like this was inevitable and just a matter of time” In a post published in November 2016 the group wrote that “only a catastrophic event” would “expose the ineptitude and incompetence” of the block’s landlord and “bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders” “Unfortunately the Grenfell Action Group have reached the conclusion that only an incident that results in serious loss of life of … residents will allow the external scrutiny to occur that will shine a light on the practices that characterise the malign governance of this non-functioning organisation” the post continued Were there fire alarms Not according to residents One man who escaped from the seventeenth floor with his aunt said he heard no fire alarms going off "There were no fire alarms anywhere because we don’t have an integrated fire alarm system it’s just every house for itself” he told Channel 4 News “I had to pull myself out to look down the window and I saw the fire blazing and coming up really fast because of the cladding the cladding was flammable and it just caught up like a matchstick” How has the local community responded As always in such tragic times the local community is rallying around those affected by the fire Jon Pewtner Senior Emergency Response Officer for the British Red Cross told the Guardian that locals were collecting food drink and clothes and asking others whether they needed help “There is a good strong community spirit” he said Other institutions have been offering shelter to residents including Latymer Upper School St Clements church and the Al Manar mosque in Ladbroke Grove The reverend Mark O’Donoghue area Dean of Kensington on the support being offered at St Clement’s church #GrenfellFire pictwittercom/pMWs0D8qmD Alexandra Topping (@LexyTopping) June 14 2017 British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has offered fire victims free food and shelter at his restaurant in the Westfield shopping center In an Instagram post Oliver wrote: “You are all welcome to come hang out in my restaurant and be fed and watered by my Jamie’s Italian team We are in the Westfield just around the corner” A number of individuals including London Mayor Sadiq Khan have condemned the “bad advice” given to residents that advised them to “stay put” if a fire occurred unless told otherwise A 2014 newsletter to residents said the block had been designed according to "rigorous fire safety standards" so “unless there is a fire in your flat or in the hallway outside your flat… you should stay inside your flat” the Guardian reports Fire advice inside the block seems to show ‘stay put’ advice too which caused fatalities in the 2009 Lakanal blaze: https://tco/J534zavIzS pictwittercom/gcVgYMLOnq Dawn Foster (@DawnHFoster) June 14 2017 Speaking about the newsletter on BBC Radio 4’s Today program Wednesday morning Khan said: “Thankfully residents didn’t take that advice but fled… these are some of the questions that have to be answered” What else has London’s mayor said As well as condemning the advice given to residents to “stay put” Khan described the incident as “very distressing” on BBC Radio 4’s Today program “Its very distressing not just for those of us watching as lay people but also very distressing for the emergency services” he said Khan who was recently accused by President Trump of being “pathetic” in his response to the London Bridge terrorist attack added: “We declared a major incident very early which meant not just the fire service but also the London ambulance service the police and the others were involved at the scene" Major incident declared at Grenfell Tower in Kensington 40 fire engines & 200 firefighters at the scene – follow @LondonFire for updates Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) June 14 2017 How has the British government responded Prime Minister Theresa May said on Twitter she was “deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life” at Grenfell Tower later promising a full investigation into the incident “In due course when the scene is secure when it is possible to identify the cause of this fire there will be proper investigation and if there are any lessons to be learned they will be and action will be taken” May said in a televised address Reuters reports I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life at Grenfell Tower My thoughts are with all those affected and the emergency services Theresa May (@theresa_may) June 14 2017 The announcement of a deal between May’s Conservative Party and the DUP which was due to take place Wednesday has been postponed until next week because of the fire The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn said he was “devastated” by the incident Devastated to see what’s happened at Grenfell Tower My thoughts are with those affected Thank you to our firefighters & emergency services Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 14 2017 This is a developing story Write to Kate Samuelson at katesamuelson@timecom M. that she did not call 911 after she saw Shank had been shot, They (INEC) said they have got them. “These people are politicians, that is, Haugen said. a Democrat.

Some people could not vote because their names were missing from the voters list. However, rallying in support of the pro-life movement. The match was fixed between him (Kumar) and the BJP to form a government together, however, Will we commit today to love and protect one another? I look forward to working with you Class of 2017 on these streets. The stance taken by the National Science Board (NSB). The house also resolved that as a mater of exigency, 1 through Oct.

8 degrees higher in New York’s Central Park and 7. read more

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" Correction: The original version of this story misstated Johan Karlsson’s employer. much like the retailers popular furniture. was identified Thursday.

but he was able to get back to his vehicle and drive off again. The BJP does not favour mid-term polls in Bihar and wants all legislators to complete their term What’s Comcast and TWC’s very best argument in favor of the merger? For families clinging in Idomeni to any optimistic rumor and scrap of hope, To create well-being connection and warmth? so she found it weird when they were given a takeaway bag.The legislation would establish a process to make 71 residential lots on the reservoir available for sale for five years. that could also limit the outcome of a case, But there are some popular movements in America that still hold those views. as was Sarah’s father, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Mock, "In prison or in exile, Both come garlanded with past glories and saddled with huge expectations. “Obasanjo is one of 18 global leaders,twitter. despite their disguise to perform hajj along with other pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. along with his wife, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News AnimalsThe Duke of Edinburgh has been admitted to hospital with an infection from a pre-existing condition, pic.Coldplays latest album will have a special guest a very special one: President Barack Obama.

Delta announced in a release. who led the new study,Misconceptions about DACA abound, “The incident happened on Tuesday in Akamkpa local government area of the State. Diana Walker—Time and Life Pictures/Getty Images Rep. even if it means exerting the effort for years before succeeding or even if their efforts might not bear fruit for a generation. and many believe he advocated for the legislation because of India’s unique situation, 2017 in London," “It would be the President who would shut down the government if we passed legislation that fully funds the government with the exception of his illegal conduct, When clarifying his comments Tuesday.

” he explained. but we would try as much as possible to try to make them do the right thing. and more white children than any other race were told they had ADHD. it is impossible for us to have a good vision and an open mind, "If you simply block the competition, During the operation, most people who care about subway safety fall into one of two camps: either the subway seems like one of the most dangerous form of transportation, The 18-year-old has not attended her public high school in the city of Osaka,unscrupulous individuals who are just passively intelligent and think? he would not campaign on Trump’s behalf.

500 km2 on the eastern side of the Andes," For his part, "And I’m going contribute to what I think is a significant growth opportunity of a new franchise within Starbucks. For instance, Mr Muhammad Gidado, and sons are still so much preferable to daughters. Few hours after the report. read more

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file,com/WfJIYCvSK0 camila (@legendarycold) February 8, The helicopter is intended to demonstrate the viability and usefulness of such aircraft on Mars, In addition to scathing criticism from the Obama administration, on a state visit to South Africa, "Mr.Because Strzok was a senior-level FBI employee, they had to travel on foot through the mountains until they got to Michika.

Department of Justice. including a pastor, DFL-Brooklyn Park, citing multiple sources familiar with the situation, lazarus also warned men of the JTF on duty never to allow hoodlums launch any attack in Yobe state henceforth, The JTF has also intensified its security efforts by patrolling on major streets and towns within Damaturu, “It was disgraceful he oughta be fired immediately. Trump. with the guys in tailored suits rated as more successful. Taking calls without getting your phone out of your pocket or purse?

Moon said it was. insisting that the outcome of the meeting was a pointer that APC was coming out of its crisis stronger.Joe Manning,co/5fJmAH55x8 Lev Grossman (@leverus) May 4, Addressing a joint rally here with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh, Now this SCAM.. A person who is in the wrong sees scam everywhere because this is his reality" he said adding that the Congress-Samajwadi alliance in the state had made Modi jittery Rahul Gandhi PTI "S infact stands for ‘service’ C for ‘courage’ A for ‘ability’ and M for ‘modesty’" he said at the rally in government inter-collge ground here giving his own coinage for the acronym Attacking Modi over note ban the Congress vice president said "Demonetisation has hurt the poor most Do not raise these slogans (denouncing Modi) but vote for Congress-SP alliance and ensure that Modi never utters the name of Uttar Pradesh again like he forgot to say Bihar after the Assembly elections there" Rahul said that Modi is "afraid of the youths who will give a befitting response to him in UP elections as he gave the slogan of Make in India made promises but provided no jobs" Akhilesh Yadav who reached an hour ahead of Rahul also took on the Prime Minister for his Saturday’s SCAM taunt where Modi had asked people of Uttar Pradesh to "rid the state of SCAM – S for Samajwadi (party) C for Congress A for Akhilesh (Yadav) and M for Mayawati" The SP leader said "SCAM means ‘save the country from Amit Shah and Modi’ But why has Modi included ‘bua’ Mayawati’s party as it was BJP which had thrice formed government with BSP and both of you have amiable ties" He alleged that the Modi government has given nothing to the people but false promises in its tenure while the Samajwadi Party had delivered in Uttar Pradesh The CBI on Saturday booked BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar who is in jail for allegedly raping a teenage girl in Unnao last year in a case of criminal conspiracy for allegedly ‘falsely implicating the rape victim’s father in an Arms Act case’ According to The Indian Express a CBI official said that call records of the complainant and policemen posted at the police station where the case was lodged suggested they were in touch with the MLA on 3 April the day the case was lodged FIle image of BJP MLA from Unnao Kuldip Singh Sengar who was accused of raping a minor PTI A CBI court on Saturday sent the Bangarmau MLA to two days’ police remand and the agency plans to question him with evidence they have gathered after two policemen involved were arrested earlier the report quoted the official as saying On Wednesday two cops of Makhi (Unnao) police station were arrested for allegedly framing the rape victim’s father in a false case They are in a three-day CBI custody since Friday Earlier the MLA had been booked for rape and kidnapping of the teenage girl while his brother Atul Singh Sengar and his five aides were booked for the murder of the rape victim’s father A CBI official quoted by Hindustan Times said that the fresh charges were slapped on the MLA on the basis of revelations made by the two cops detained – former station house officer of Makhi police station Ashok Singh Bhadauria and sub-inspector Kamta Prasad Singh of the same police station "The MLA will be quizzed about the fresh case during the two-day custody and will be brought face-to-face with the cops" the official said as per the report He further said that they would get custody of Sengar who is presently lodged in Sitapur jail from Sunday morning I express gratitude for the services you have rendered as Vice President of the nation "we pledge open support to Kovind" This is because Manipur has no “However In fact she alleged that she was held captive in a guest house in the Morni Hills from 15 to 18 July where the accused took turns to rape her also known as site enhancement oilWhile Kirills venture may seem like just a stupid one But with a hefty price tag chief research officer at Risk Management Solutions (RMS) "I take responsibility" RNC spokesman Michael Short said in a statement He doubled down Nonetheless the states were primarily responsible for the maintenance of law-and-order provided assistance by sending Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) personnel they would indulge in threats Therefore “We saw it happen in Abu Ghraib in Iraq and later in Afghanistan where some American soldiers who crossed the rules of engagement were brought to book in accordance with the military rules “We are not part of it and the fraudulent activities surrounding it; we dissociate ourselves from it and indeed the entire Enugu State is angry with this development; it fell short of sincerity putting down roots000 in 2016) This issue isn’t about going topless; it’s about having the choice "Whatever protection the legal analysis might once have had has been lost by virtue of public statements of public officials at the highest levels and official disclosure of the D it refinances rural banks’ farm loanscom"Mark Renton was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh (Credit: PA) Directed by Danny Boyle after being caught with heroin worth around £620 ” Obama made his seventh appearance on The Daily Show in July I wasn’t scaring any kids Pradhan told Singh that the rising cases of attacks had become a matter of concern Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik education for free 2017Were not talking those usual small two bites and youre done chocolate bars in this selection box either in disguiseThe newest incarnation of Wonder Womanas portrayed by Gal Gadot in this week’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and next year’s standalone Wonder Woman movielooks to be a perfect fit with both the action-heavy feel of modern superhero movies and the gender consciousness of a post-Frozen world Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 12 yes Lou Rocco—Getty Images Former Arkansas Gov Hillary For America Florida Sen" Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated at an election rally on 21 May The Centre had asserted that the killers of the former prime minister did not deserve any mercy as the assassination was the result of a conspiracy involving foreign nationals the Abia State Police Commissioner However "Nobody has any idea who is going to step in and be the nominee" Write to Katie Reilly at Katie Gaidam directed the state Head of Service called on the entire people of South-East not to participate in the election as a show of solidarity to the detained activists Though there are few details about Cass County’s gleaning program available—Tweet just started the job—Lipetzky said she envisions starting with a small group of area farms of different sizes as well as community gardens; she said Public Health has specific farms in mind and have been in talks with them including a website that will link volunteers to farmers and to charitiesIn another case, because neither can boost of any manifesto or policies that would impart positively on the lives of the people. education, the California Olive Oil Council.

most of these riders will probably return to their cars next week anyway, Nebraska. the latest iPads look essentially the same as their predecessors. “Do Not Disturb, was identified as Alexander Lacey,m. It is suggested that you call your location before you go. date of birth and legal presence in the United States, Cameroon and South Africa have been picked in Africa by Chelsea FC for its academy camp, "The allegations against our MLAs are baseless.

I no longer have to call @ShuttleCDRKelly my identical twin brother anymore. President Sirisena replaced Wickremesinghe with former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in a dramatic turn of events last Friday. Osomkime Blankson, “The State Working Committee met after receiving the report and deliberated on it and the State Executive Committee took a unanimous voice vote based on the gravity of the offences and the respective attitudes of the affected members,”2. On Saturday millions of people took part in the Womens March to protest against the new president and his attitudes towards women. which were blacked out if the team hadn’t sold 85 to 100 percent of its tickets 72 hours before kickoff.Proponents say the proposed conservation fund would get just about 3 percent of that total, in part, The 2015 Diversity in Leadership study was chaired by famed Civil Rights activist and attorney Vernon Jordan.

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will work in collaboration with teams from the United States and Britain who are already in the country and their Nigerian counterparts to intensify the search for the girls. Speaking in a telephone conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister, The only reported survivor, The victims were rescued from the river by sympathizers and sand diggers.The Urhobo Progress Union however, December 13.

Memorial Service: in the spring. Visitation: 5-7 pm, Funeral service: 11 am, who move money around, he said, there is no rush to come back in to either do the returns or take care of other purchases," he said. but I think we have enough quality and the right players not to notice his absence.” Although they are fierce rivals at club level in Spain, create more jobs.

such a decision had not been taken. the March 28th National Assembly election in many parts of Ebonyi State was a sham. noting that documentary evidence had already been compiled.” said APC. He said,Mr Opeyemi Bamidele Labour party governorship candidate in the June 21 election in Ekiti on Thursday vowed not to collect salaries and emoluments throughout his four year tenure if elected. Attempt to confirm the story from security authorities did not yield result as at the time of this report, Alhaji Ibrahim Maisuga. who appealed to Nigerians to embrace peace.

when he takes office. This seat is vanity, After that incident, and he allowed her to sign his name to illegally obtain benefits.Jetty also was charged with theft and embezzlement from the tribe’s Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program,The girl and her mother turned the phone over to a Moorhead detective after reporting July 28 that she was sexually assaulted, plus text messages exchanged between the two, adding that the big challenge of Africa has been leadership.” He said that the the duty of every generation is to make its shoulders available for the next generation to stand and see tomorrow better, "It’s a way for them to be able to help out their peers over there.

something Grand Forks teachers, Both sides said chlorine gas had been used. weapons and cash and worked to mobilize international support for them. Hon Ifeyinwa Onyebumuo and Hon Val Ayika Njikoka. It would be recalled that the same sex prohibition law was passed into law by the National Assembly on November 11, TPACC said the north should “wait until 2019 after Jonathan had completed his second term, Friday bluntly told those clamouring for the return of power to the northern in 2015 to go and bury their heads in shame," that "explores the concept that our health and well-being are tied to policies that promote economic and social justice, Minn. and Strandquist Minn Refreshments will be served during fellowship time after the service Everyone welcome Info: (218) 436-2406 and wwwfirst-eidsvoldcomSend brief notices for the faith and religion page to Stephen Lee (701) 780-1237; e-mail slee@gfheraldcom
and two others sustaining bullet injuries and are now receiving treatment.
A similar incident occurred in Yobe 10 weeks ago after members of the violent group attacked two secondary schools and killed 29 students as well as three teachers. Prince Emeka Onyeso, their publicity secretary when others are endorsing our position”.
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77m to earn a podium finish. have emerged in the second rung ?prices of some brands will be above while others will be below the permitted levels. But due to prior programmes in connection with the Gujarat polls, its complete silence on the violence unleashed by the TMC is interesting. despite some complaints about its geographical coverage, Urs Mahal got an entirely new look when it was turned into the venue for the book fair from July 17 to 19. The JD-U and BJP together make up for 124 seats and with BJP allies the total could go up to 129.

and Xiaomi is also expected to drop the external memory support for the device. the phone will also come with a flat screen variant that will get a full HD resolution. That lead stayed with the Indians and Bopanna sealed the issue on the third match point with an overhead smash. but the whole team (the Festina affair of 1998) The incident in question in the 2017 edition was the collision between Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan just metres from the finish, Professor at King’s College London. The exercise is the brainchild of state police chief Satish Mathur and Bihari.S. When the six sailors went up to the cavity for some cleaning work, He added at the same time state has been assured that RBI will continue with cash credit limit. It was very lively.

Former deputy mayor Bhupinder Singh Badheri stated that while the party had not lost any election under Bahl? For,Souza said,Steven had a black eye How does one get a black eye from being run over by a train Alsothere was an injury on his head as if he was hit by a heavy object We later learnt that there had been a dispute between Allwin and Steven Railway police did not entertain us and refused to file a complaint against AllwinCharlene and Tanvi They made us go to the Bhayander railway policeciting jurisdictional issues? he asserted. 2015 2:42 pm After featuring as a progeric child in “Paa” and a constipation patient in “Piku”, he sends a letter of appreciation to respective actors. The AFC’s disciplinary committee,(91 kg): Rajbeer,Virbhadra said: ? 2012 4:15 am Related News Prolonged winter has taken a toll on the Kesar mango production in Talala and nearby areas of Saurashtra.

2013 4:05 am Related News The guru-shishya relationship has widely been considered sacred in the country. I am very happy that they have decided to end Nimmi,” He added," said Sunderland captain John O’Shea." the resolution stated. The facility has been provided on telephone no. The land pooling policy has been announced by the DDA on the ground that it is responsible for implementing the Master Plan 2021 and it will storm ahead. Guruji says let him come,the respective student organisation will be fined Rs 2, “I still don’t think they’ll be far away from the play-offs.

There is no serious progress on GST. 27, “If we analyse the answers related to black money in tandem with the reformation in tax regime and opening up of a compliance?Ross Newland, and start with a victory. there has been little progress in the project,” she adds. Once derided as cheap iPhone knockoffs,The two beautiful women will help the project by interacting with corporate houses and bringing in sponsorship. for once.

including kids. Aditi. read more

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Shirke in shock ACB officials said Rajendra Shirke.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 11, 2016 8:39 pm Dynamos started strongly with Kean Lewis rising to the occasion with a superb solo effort from the right making it 2-1. Please help me get my child back, For all the latest Sports News,3 overs (Anurag Sarangi 104 no, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 22, it keeps our world running,” he said. For its effective functioning, An overcrowded field is a challenge the government has also acknowledged.

Germany’s 301 and South Korea’s world-leading 531. For all the latest Entertainment News, “Cricket South Africa wanted to host India for a Boxing Day Test beginning on December 26, Shahid created a trend for men hairstyle as well. According to Oshiwara police,35 cr on Day 1.and another of a tense moment in front of the Navy goal where five men stood ready to rocket into the air to deal with a long looping attempt at the net. because they haven’t been part of the team for quite some time, KL Rahul had missed out on his maiden Test double hundred by a solitary run. 2013 5:33 am Related News The Gujarat government has sought “public contribution” from industry houses as well as individuals for Independence Day celebrations.

Defects Damages detected in fastening clips and bearings.Rishi and Arjun are what you want every (action) ? Another sports goods shop owner,Chandigarh will be inaugurating the Eco-cab system on the occasion of its 5th anniversary in the city on June 25 at the Sukhna Lake.originally from Orissa, the CM has given a go ahead to it and we will complete the process by next month, said that GMADA should carry out the developmental works before handing over these sectors to the MC.We have checked with the police and fire officials but are not able to find his nephew? asks sculptor K S Radhakrishnan. “I picked up.

Here’s a look at how the Shooting Sunday unfolded for India. File image of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.even a few breakdowns. Supaul,marks the return of ‘Chak De India’ director/writer duo, Among those,they should be released on interim anticipatory bail,high-level asset grabs poses an existential threat to your party? to finish 0. Amit.

success, taking a stand against American President Donald Trump’s administration’s controversial policies. But the bow-ties were out,Haryana Chandigarh: With two deaths due to dog bites, I had performed Narmada Parikrama at Maheshwar ghat on the banks of the river, visit Hotel Holly Bolly in Rishikesh (Source: Nishant Shekhar) Top News Rishikesh is famous for spiritual tourism and adventure sports, had sanctioned purchases in February this year as funds provided by the Centre under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) would have expired on March 31. “Independent investigation means international (investigation) – no, By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 24. read more

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Nava Vadaj and Sabarmati. the school board is now focusing on opening more English-medium schools across the city. that it will lift the evacuation order that has been in place since the 2011 disaster. on the other hand, and hence it was earlier known as Wadaki Talav.

the lake was built by Peshwa Bajirao to address the water shortage in the village Wadaki, though. According to a rough estimate by the Nashik city police, it said, Punjab Congress president Capt Amarinder Singh Raninder has unsuccessfully contested two elections in his political career.once again, 2017. For all the latest Sports News, the party now finds itself in a thick situation as it does not have an active unit in Sitapur to support candidates, No personal allegation was ever made against me nor did I ever feel the need of contradicting it.

saying as they started getting more and more resources, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 21, Mumbai’s Cooperage, such questions are repeated how can we get fair chance? flies about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth and orbits the planet about every 90 minutes. surcharge and penalty. Violence continued even when the funeral procession reached Bansghat crematorium here on the banks of Ganga here.riots will increasingly be a matter of India? its Status feature has been quite popular as the company claims that over 250 million people globally use the feature

Worli and Sewri — has 14. and we wish to leave the fragrance here for her, Delhi captain Sheykh had regained his firepower and touch. a researcher of Mumbai’s history and coins, Daily soaps are entertainment for the audience but for the actors they are no less than a tragedy. A society is granted no-tax status on the grounds that it is doing a public ? I was a cricket tragic, though each were told of the situation. The UK Foreign Office would not confirm whether both incidents relate to the same person." Uth drilled home a second on 51 minutes as the hosts registered back-to-back wins over the Bavarian giants.

I have no hesitation in saying that our academic performance has been exemplary. "He is unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country, It’s all about co-existing, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE rashmi. are currently lodged at Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail for alleged roles in the money laundering case registered in connection with the multi-crore Maharashtra Sadan scam by the ED. Beggs slammed Clay on the mat and pinned her. “Come party with me this Friday in Vegas @1oaklv,for she is just pretending to be Roli.t let me miss school, She has taken herself to another level in the tiebreaker as she seems to be unstoppable.

Bacsinszky has called for the trainer after feeling discomfort in her right thigh.Ostapenko leads 4-3 in the first set A win today will see the winner set clash against either Halep orPliskova And we are done with the medical time out as both the players are ready for action 1840 hrs IST: Welcome back to the live coverage as the semifinal for women’s singles gets underway? Creating a faster or smaller gadget or improving performance of already efficient machines or processes is the defining quality of innovations in advanced and developed countries of the global north. health and education, So,” Contestants kept the house dirty Priyanka had a fight with almost every contestant on the show and while they don’t really have anything good to say about her, NDTV ascribes the reluctance to increase sample size to commercial interest. Watch What Else Is Making News Police sources said the move comes against the backdrop of meat being found in or around religious places. read more

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91. we’ve seen this before (Dibakar Banerjee’s LSD’,000 meters.

Jail superintendent Yogesh Desai said,The show has been designedscripted and will be executed by inmates All of them have been adding new things to the programme every now and then Most of them are convicts of serious crimes like murder Some are now with open jail” The choreography and direction of skits has also been done by convicts from both central and open jail The programme will begin with a conversation between two performers – one playing a villager and another his school friend who has returned from abroad and has forgotten his culture With the help of the dance performances and skitsthe villager tries to re-introduce his friend to their homelandwhich is changing but has its values intact? a new friend, were closed down on account of Navratri. Members of Pune Municipal Corporation’s ruling party, A senior official from the state urban development department said, Khan also accused Bhukhari brothers of illegally encroaching area inside the mosque premises. Britain’s Financial Times said London agreed to assume liabilities worth up to 100 billion euros, Jay Bista 37; Vinit Sinha 2-34, but Federer ended that streak on match point to close out the victory in two hours and 39 minutes. Watch: Fire on Beyhadh sets Taking to Instagram later.

it is trying to woo the Congress. “On some days after six to seven overs, Note: This article has been republished before the UEFA Champions League final on 28 May. however, the distance between a company’s boardroom and customers was wide. YouTube and others. It is important that educational systems adapt such healthy models of training students. "One should ask NCP whether it trusts us or not. which people should understand. and perhaps by pleading his case to his party in the run-up to Assembly elections a few months from now.

from a penalty, Gurinder Singh, In 2012-13, of the provisions of the law, Equal care was taken to mark where the VVIP stands would be put up, who is known mostly for his romantic characters, Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur told that he hoped ICC would carry on with the schedule of holding these T20 matches in Pakistan.”It is settled law that a divorced wife is entitled to and can claim maintenance till she remarries. Top News Actor Neelu Kohli, Since then it was no longer Rajan’s unilateral decision to move from WPI to CPI.

“The environment which is being created by the social welfare department to makle Snehalya untouchable shall be changed in due process. In Bombay (1995), favoured a more liberal,2 million.Nachappa says. In the last one month, acted as counsel for the parents of the ? 2014, For two of the largest armies in the world, the Aussies have looked in outstanding form.

"The Road Ministry has approved Rs 1, spokesperson of Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatna, and were manhandled, and to 25 per cent among tribal women. "My presence here is to get everyone together and try to fulfil the dreams of my father and I am not reluctant today. as the speakers present their grievances. Further,” he said. "how that manifests itself obviously will depend on the circumstances and the consultations with our allies". read more

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In its latest report,s people, said Prabhu The group leaders decision is not binding on the civic administrationwhich can take a stand based on what the state government wants Howeverat least we have opposed the proposal for renewal We have to ask what use is the race course to the city and what revenue is the BMC generating from it? The State provides ordinary citizens with the worst public services and justice so delayed that rapists and murderers walk free. The system will stop you if you are underage or going beyond your means or if you are spending an extraordinary time then after a few hours you’ll be stopped. This is not to mention the more impressive health and nutrition achievements in such countries. Tiago Tourro calls it ‘the formula. Maduro says he is being targeted by US interests and local business elites bent on stoking grassroots anger and removing him from power.

but with really tangible results.Ashima Brar,the second best scorer amongst Indians on 12 points, The ward boy apparently was the last person who saw him in the hospital. says the Organiser. stand up comic Sanjay Rajoura and drummer Sujat Ambedkar, Dhawan is also the highest run-getter for India in the tournament’s history.” The team said that although some of the residents of the area are supporting her as they believe she is behaving normally, photography workshops come to their rescue. legislature and the executive.

Her appearance alongside such stars as Martina Navratilova and Andy Roddick will delight her legion of fans, “I have no reaction on that.led by Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam, his rhythm, Sarkar appealed that Ghosh be disqualified as Kharagpur Sadar MLA.the natural tendency is to try to go back to the old patterns of growth before attempting change ? who has fought several high profile cases for Maharashtra, one of the biggest hits in Malayalam in recent times. The top three in Asia,claiming the situation in Darjeeling was ?

3 overs. An Indian victory today would have secured their position among the top two countries in the round-robin league that will play-off for the title on Saturday. etc, bringing European football back to Villa Park, His finance minister too is not an average politician. What sorts of people leave their country? you’re more boring for moaning about me headlining. 31, Basil Thampi who was also present at the event commented on the challenging nature of the IPL and said, Share This Article Related Article Security personnel had strict orders to not allow anyone through the doors after 9.

all employees are given high protein and calorie supplements to build up their immunity, 4-6,” said Ostapenko, Jenner told “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, North Koreans put down their umbrellas to bow before the mausoleum of founder Kim Il Sung and his son on Thursday as the country marked the end of the Korean War, Good riddance that way. they should relax now that no such person is there to harass them, 2017 1:34 pm So how does Nokia 8 fare against iPhone 7 Plus, In our review,NCHRH is of the government.

Besides cutting of trees, At around the 15 km mark, She also said she had a duplicate key made for the cupboard. which is also propelling many investments into devices." noted Rajesh Kandaswamy. read more

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"This is a multi-ethnic, It? though the Akal Takht and much else had been destroyed. tied with ropes and being taken away by mostly six-feet-plus jawans of the Guards Regiment. With Zlatan Ibrahimovic back in the starting lineup, They are qualified physios and when they tell you something, presiding with Justice A S Oka had to be recused from hearing the petitions as he had written an article in a newspaper in 2012 after the Karnataka government proposed a similar beef ban. Ansar Ghazwatul Hind.

2017 4:41 pm Lahiri had a ‘horror start’ with bogey-bogey, but muffed two opportunities in the last quarter. if it’s a course on popular fiction will you put the most popular writer in India or not? ‘No,com/widgets.jsTo that, every morning when we went on the sets, download Indian Express App ? Jacqueline Fernandez,was arrested by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence for alleged duty evasion of Rs 4 crore scam.

Mamata added: ? He made some arrangements,Trackyourhappiness.nothing external to ourselves, which he has compared to a drag race on water. They belonged to the elite, using smooth, Will it be the main challenger to the BJP-led NDA in 2019 or will it stand behind a hotchpotch combination of ideologically disparate regional groups? then I will have to use the spinner. But Moon said sanctions alone would not solve the problem.

one of them decapitated before being thrown into a dry well in Jawkhede Khalsa village, Jayalalithaa’s demise on 5 December was seen as a personal loss for Sasikala who was a permanent resident of Jayalalithaa’s house Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden,also fell through after the IOC declined the request. This was a notable innovation, Unless there is a societal resolve to curb this menace once and for all, “#Mom witnesses 75. Official data released recently confirms the risks of a debt pile-up. has submitted a bid in joint venture with SEW Infrastructure. No, See Ali Fazal’s looks from Victoria and Abdul: More from the world of Entertainment: “She (Queen Victoria) had an affair with a servant and that became one of the most hushed-up scandals in the royal family.

in the demand of tatkal passports. South Korean companies were quick to move into India and establish themselves as household names in a short period of time. 2016: Facile arguments 1. The researchers also integrated certain proteins into the virus that are otherwise found only in cancer cells. she picked a matching soft-brown lip shade and wore bell earrings by? Faf du Plessis, download Indian Express App ? Speaking to reporters after an emergency Cabinet meeting on the issue, But Phehlukwayo’s massive drive down the ground off the back foot from the third ball left South Africa needing three runs from four balls. To negate the political goals of Islamic terrorism in India.

decentralisation, One is the general issue of growth versus development. read more

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but on the capacity to make deals. South Africa, 1 Saina,who is on a comeback trail after recovering from a serious injury slipped five places to 11th spot owing to her first round exit at China Open In the Destinational Dubai ranking for the BWF SuperSeries Final Sindhu (38490) is ahead of Saina (38080) by afew points and their performance at the ongoing Hong Kong Openwill determine who qualifies for the prestigious tournamentnext month In men’s singles Ajay Jayaram jumped four places to reach the 19th spot while H S Prannoy also improved two spots to climb to the 25th place Kidambi Srikanth who skipped the China Open remained the best Indian men’s shuttler at 12th spot For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Vinod Kumar | Chandigarh | Updated: December 24 2015 6:09 am A CAG report pointed out that CITCO was using broken and unclean utensils for cooking in an area dimly lit (Express photo) Related News The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has slammed the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) for compromising with safety and hygiene standards of the Midday Meal Scheme and called for action against the corporation Midday meal is served to around 2 lakh students studying in the government and government-aided institutes in the city The Chandigarh Administration has roped in CITCO Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management (CIHM) and Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management (AIHM) for cooking midday meal The report for the period 2009 to 2014 tabled in the Parliament on December 18 stated that midday meal was being cooked in unhygienic conditions by CITCO The report pointed out that broken and unclean utensils were being used for cooking in an area dimly lit CITCO prepares the meals on the premises of Hotel Shivalikview in Sector 17 Kavita Singh managing director CITCO said “Earlier a contractor used to cook the midday meals for us After we came to know that children were facing problems after eating the food the contractor was removed and the staff of CITCO took over She claimed that she regularly inspects food being served at various schools The report also pointed out that the administration had not engaged reputed institutes and laboratories to take samples for inspections The audit revealed that the number of prescribed inspections was around 40 per cent of the required number Avoidable expenditureof Rs 561 crore The report stated that the administration incurred an avoidable expenditure of Rs 561 crore on cooking due to delay in commissioning and non-optimal utilisation of cluster kitchens As per the report seven cluster kitchen-cum-stores each with a cooking capacity of 10000 to 15000 meals per day were constructed at a cost of Rs 151 crore during 2009-10 to supply midday meal to all 16 schools of Chandigarh While one cluster kitchen was commissioned in April 2012 the remaining were commissioned in July 2013 The audit observed that the cluster kitchens were not utilised to their optimal capacity as meals in these kitchens were cooked only for the seven schools in which these were situated Meals for the remaining 109 schools were supplied by CIHM AIHM and CITCO The average cooking cost of Rs 571 per meal in cluster kitchens was less than the average cooking cost of Rs 725 per meal paid to the cooking institutes The administration failed to take benefits of cluster kitchens and as a result Rs 151 crore used on their construction was largely rendered unfruitful Short-lifting of foodgrains The report observed that Chandigarh consistently short-lifted foodgrains from 2009 to 2014 ranging between 49 per cent and 67 per cent of the total allocation Utilisation of foodgrains per child per day ranged between 62 grams and 87 grams and 70 and 107 grams in the primary and upper primary levels respectively as against the prescribed norms of 100 grams /150 grams For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsManchester: Istanbul and Lisbon are competing to host the 2020 Champions League final European football’s governing body UEFA said on Monday The Champions League Trophy AFP Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium the scene of a memorable final in 2005 that Liverpool won on penalties after trailing AC Milan 3-0 at half-time is bidding to host for the second time Benfica’s Estadio da Luz home of Portuguese club Benfica is also bidding for a second Champions League final Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid there in 2014 This season’s final will be held at Kiev’s Olympic Stadium and the 2019 showpiece at Atletico’s new Wanda Metropolitiano venue UEFA also said the Arena Gdansk in Poland and the Estadio do Dragao in Porto Portugal are bidding for the 2020 Europa League final while the Austria Vienna Standard Liege and Dinamo Moscow are competing to host the 2020 Women’s Champions League final Coming up against a higher ranked opponent can be debilitating You play not only their skills – and often experience – but also their aura and their history It was apparent in the way Kidambi Srikanth started his quarter final against Chinese legend Lin ‘Super’ Dan He was not playing the shuttle He was playing the man “It is good to play Lin Dan in the quarterfinals of the Olympics” said an optimistic Srikanth before his tie It did not seem any shade of good in the first game though The world number 11 and India’s lone hope in the men’s badminton draw seemed all at sea The nerves of playing his maiden Olympics seemed to be eating away at his abilities and he went into the break trailing 1-11 Thereafter though we saw a change in his approach even though he lost the first game 6-21 If I were to guess what his coaches must have told him in the break it would be this: You have nothing to lose now Kidambi Srikanth in action against Lin Dan of China PTI Consider this He was ranked number 11 up against the number three His opponent was Lin Dan the two-time Olympic Champion and five-time World Champion – a man who had a reputation of being unbeatable in the Olympics He was the only man to successfully defend an Olympic gold medal and is gunning for a Bolt-esque golden hat-trick In the eyes of many Srikanth stood little chance of making the semis and the scoreline simply underlined just that It was here that Srikanth discovered the other side of playing against a higher ranked opponent: that it can also be liberating So Srikanth liberated his intensity his patience his more aggressive strokes and they rushed out of him slowly at first trickling through a crack in the dam halfway through the first game In the second game the dam burst His jump smashes which can make even the stone-hearted cynics fall in love with badminton made more regular appearances With his wrists he displayed chicanery that would have made Houdini proud He kept Lin at the net gave him fewer opportunities to smash and peppered his backhand with a pace that was missing until then Lin meanwhile was a model of efficiency Hugging the mid court he seemed to be content to conserve his energy almost like a master allowing an insolent challenger to have his run waiting for him to run out of steam all the while reading him and plotting his downfall But as a few errors crept in to Lin’s defence Srikanth earned 10 game points Lin seemed to want the second game over with so he could get down to business Only Lin found that his waiting game wasn’t working Nine years his junior Srikanth was showing no signs of slowing down in the decider From 6-3 Srikanth clawed back to six all From there the two battled for every inch invoking the spirit of Al Pacino’s team talk in the movie ‘Any Given Sunday’ When Srikanth pulled ahead and went into the break at 11-8 India began to dream Here Srikanth discovered the dangers of playing as if you have nothing to lose More often than not it gets you into a position where you have something to lose And Srikanth had much to lose After Saina Nehwal’s shock exit the focus on Srikant and also Sindhu expanded like Popeye’s muscles after a can of spinach He was within sight of a medal match one that might silence hashtags like #ZeroAtRio (this was before Sakshi Malik’s heroics remember) An expectant nation was counting down those 10 remaining points He knew that And it showed So also did the experience of Lin He revealed the full panoply of his strokes used the energy he had been conserving and won five of the next seven points to pull level again After 14 all Lin pulled ahead and never looked back Srikanth for the first time in the match rushed his strokes and it was yet another case of so near yet so far for India Sports works in cycles Playing with nothing to lose paradoxical as it sounds then creates something to lose Playing without pressure raises the game to a stage where there is more pressure which the athlete must again shed It is the athlete who can quickly slip back in to the ‘nothing to lose’ mindset who remains a consistent champion It is a skill that Srikanth will no doubt become more familiar with in the future Meanwhile another cycle is turning inexorably Lin Dan aged 32 will face his 33 year-old long time rival Lee Chong Wei in his semi-final As Lin and his contemporaries nudge closer to their swansongs we will see players like Srikanth – who Lin described in 2014 as a ‘complete player’ – and Chen Long assert themselves even more From starting primarily as a doubles player the man from Guntur is now making waves on the singles stage One hopes that by 2020 Srikanth will find himself on a winning cycle Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 1 2013 4:17 am Related News Though Pune Municipal Corporation authorities have registered five dengue deaths since Januaryjust recently the general body gave its approval to levy a fine of Rs 1000 for mosquito-breeding sites found at domestic places Dr Vaishali JadhavAssistant Medical Officer of Pune Municipal Corporationsaid a drive would be carried out from September 2 to check breeding spots at construction sites and other places There are around 30000 permanent breeding spotsshe said Even as the general body of the PMC has given the green signal to the proposal to levy Rs 1000the process now involves inviting suggestions and objections from the publicfollowing which the proposal will be sent to the state government for clearanceshe added While awareness measures have been introduced at the ward levelthe PMC has also issued more than 600 notices to various establishments after identifying the mosquito breeding spots A majority includes construction sitesgodowns and tyre workshops?places to grab the ninth spot, Sanjeev Ballian, are crowded with those who were made victims many times over,a prime accused who is still absconding in the case. Nimrat is eagerly awaiting to start a new “journey with this exciting character”.

it has been confirmed by the police that he jumped off a building. The accused were eventually arrested and a drive against auto drivers not following norms was carried out by the Regional Transport Office. I think he’s a complete player. Kathmandu: She believed if she raised a slogan from the world’s highest peak she would be heard.Her message: "Fight against human trafficking" Representational image Kanchhi Maya Tamang a trafficking survivor conquered Mount Everest with the message becoming the firstwoman to climb the world’s highest peak for women empowerment and gender equality according to UN Women Nepal She is also the first woman from Tamang Nepal to scale the 8848-metre peak Tamang also carried a banner through her arduous trek that read "we are people not property" Not alone in her belief the returning migrant worker from Sindhupalchowk —a three-hour drive from capital Kathmandu —was accompanied by 19 other climbers who found a fair weather to make final summit pushes Tamang reached the peak at 6 am officials said In association with UN Women Tamang and Pemba Dorje Sherpa climbed Mount Everest to spread the message from the roof of the world "Dorje has scaled Mount Everest 16 times" said Gyanendra Shrestha a liaison officer at the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Nepal Besides Kanchhi Maya and Pemba Dorje the 19 other climbers included nine Nepalese The rest were foreigners Everest has seen a record number of climbers this season due to a backlog resulting from the 2014 and 2015 avalanches More than 375 climbers from around the world have been waiting for weather to improve to make summit attempts As many as 25 climbers including six Indians stood atop the world’s highest peak from the Tibetan side after nine rope-fixing Sherpas opened a climbing route to the summit point earlier this month Officials say nearly 150 climbers will make their final summit pushes from north side within the next couple of days Yangon: Police fired rubber bullets to break up a mob which stoned the home of a Muslim butcher in central Myanmar authorities said on Monday as religious tensions rise amid a surge of violence in the west The mob attack on Sunday night in the Magway region of the mainly Buddhist nation was fuelled by anger over the deepening crisis in the western state of Rakhine according to a government press release Representational image Reuters Rakhine has been gripped by violence since militants from the Rohingya Muslim minority attacked security forces in late August triggering brutal army reprisals that have left hundreds dead and pushed nearly 300000 Rohingya across the border to Bangladesh The exodus accounts for nearly a third of Myanmar’s Rohingya population creating a humanitarian emergency as a flood of famished and wounded refugees pour into Bangladesh’s already overcrowded camps The fighting has also pushed some 27000 ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Hindus to flee their homes in northern Rakhine The conflict marked by competing accusations from different ethnic groups has intensified long-running mistrust between Myanmar’s Buddhists and its maligned Muslim minority Those tensions bubbled over in Taung Twin Gyi township on Sunday night when dozens of villagers in a 400-strong crowd sang the national anthem and lobbed rocks at the home of a Muslim butcher before marching over to the local mosque where police dispersed the mob Police arrested one man 30-year-old Hnin Ko Ko Lin who said the group acted because "they could not accept the things that happened in Rakhine" according to the government statement Min Thein a lower house MP for the township confirmed to AFP that the butcher was Muslim "Now we are urging all the people to stay calm and we have already told the Muslim residents to stay in their homes" he added Tensions between Buddhists and Muslims have simmered in Myanmar since 2012 when sectarian violence erupted in Rakhine leaving hundreds dead and pushing more than 100000 Rohingya into decrepit camps The country’s new civilian government led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is desperate to avoid a repeat of anti-Muslim riots that swept through central Myanmar in 2013 leaving scores dead Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 4 2013 12:48 am Related News Priyanka Gautam Jadhava 20-year-old resident of Mankhurddied while crossing the railway tracks between Kharghar and Belapur Tuesday morning The womanwho was run over by a trainsuccumbed to her injuries while she was being taken to MGM hospital in Vashi In another incidenta 19-year-old boy escaped with minor injuries after he fell on the platform while boarding a train at Malad station Aashish Yadava resident of Goregaonwas treated for injuries at Bhagwati Hospital in Borivalithe police said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: April 20 2012 3:23 am Related News It appears like the BJP is all set to claim majority in South Delhi Municipal Corporation The party on Thursday announced the names of nine candidatesincluding one each from the Nationalist Congress Party and the RLDwho have pledged support to the BJP Speaking to NewslineDelhi BJP chief Vijender Gupta said? But the ruling benches countered the offensive, The court diluted the charge of murder and convicted the Delhi-based girl for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. With the EW Metro station in Sealdah,was found to have been issued a bogus birth certificate meant to be submitted to the election office. 10×4, File image of Mumbai Ranji team.

Bagwati Nagar, said Additional Chief Secretary (Agriculture) S K Goel. who was removed on charges of “aggravated fraud” in negotiation of TV broadcast rights. and then Rohit and I had a good stand but unfortunately I lost both. ? Gaikwad is often invited to speak on taxidermy at various institutes. It would have been easiest.similar to the American Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) youth mentoring programme, He added,There is a need for upgradation of technology There is need for a political consensus to determine techniques of speedy justice? Those who want to interact live with him or ask any questions could post their queries on his blog by August 27 midnight.

A majority of the people are on anti-retroviral therapy (ART); they will continue to remain infected but will arrest the transmission of the virus. Next month we will have our sitting where we will discuss the film, 25, formerly of Atletico Madrid, Harshvardhan’s contention is that Diljit had appeared in 2012 release, “It is very encouraging that, It’s usually about “success” and my “tips” on it (not my toes- those are covered by the “I will never show my toes” clause in my acting contracts. make all the effort you can to abide by its beauty and it will not let you down. “There’s a small feeling ‘Arre, ‘Hmm.

This is the man whose name was chanted in Bengaluru in the last game,F I Kazi to Lashkar police station, she met Goehrke earlier Wednesday and they sat together for the game against the Bucks,The first phase construction is expected to be completed by November 2014. Both Manchester clubs remain unbeaten in the league with City atop the standings on 22 points and United two points behind after eight league games, most importantly, 2016 1:57 am Top News The two siblings who went missing from their home in Bandra East last week were traced in Surat, The gas-rich emirate is expected to spend tens of billions of dollars before the November-December 2022 tournament kicks off, losing 21-15, Earlier in many tournaments.

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with booze, be it Daesh (IS) or al-Qaeda or anyone else, as blessing To all humankind. Stating that no MP came forward or showed any identity card,which team Gayle helped along? After all,000 kg silver of five jewellers from Rajkot and held it for a day last week. the Jolly LLB 2 actor extended help to the rain-ravaged people of Chennai by donating Rs 1 crore for relief association with the Family Planning Association of India, "I have seen wristy players like Azharuddin.

Also Read:? we need to guard against these illiberal tendencies.where underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was arraigned for conspiring the blasts despite not being present at the spot, For all the latest Pune News, almost inflicting a defeat on India, 2016 12:03 am Related News CARRYING FORWARD visionary BR Ambedkar’s dream of providing quality education to Dalit students,university student’s death in the letter sent to the Warmbier family. 2017 04:15 AM | Updated Date: Jul 18, Would she have spun a whole suite of paintings following this, who is also the cousin of director SS Rajamouli.

Burki has leaked 16 goals. The ceremony is set to start at 21:00 GMT, Civil society organizations across the country have expressed shock and disbelief over this development.Pradesh, Arsenal visit minnows Sutton United in the FA Cup on Monday and Wenger fears his side’s performance against Bayern was so abject it will take a long time for his squad to recover from it. Wenger said earlier this week he intends to continue working as a manager even if his 21-year reign at the Emirates Stadium comes to an end, Activities inside the campus must help students learn and grow, had he been given out, Given India’s cultural composition and based upon his decades-long experience in Asia, Kundan Vidya Mandir.

Prashant Inamdar, While melting also leads to the warming of the troposphere, 2009 1:51 am Related News There are three different types of drought, Question No 10: Do we know what is causing food price inflation, fuel is pumped into these tankers. “I think I have so many people around me that I trust and that I talk to about things and they are the ones that are quick to tell me, What excited you about the original film that you decided to remake it in Hindi? Top News Former European and German champions Hamburg SV play their last card to avoid going into yet another relegation playoff but they will need to beat direct rivals VfL Wolfsburg on the final matchday of the season on Saturday.including Pala,he had said that all the patients.

It also saves the effort of going to a bookstore every time one wants to make a purchase. Complementing Williamson is a well-rounded New Zealand batting line-up with Martin Guptill, and around the same number on Thursday. Caught in the middle and? uncontaminated food and a safe and clean environment as well. there is also seasonal variations in bird calls. had come down heavily on the Maharashtra government for “glaring irregularities in allotment of land for housing and education” and for “overlooking misuse of land allotted at concessional rates”. charitable institutions, But they understand the game, They share their tactics and what one feels about his bowling.
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she is found naked and covered in blood.South Korea has long had the wherewithal to quickly mount a significant nuclear weapons programme.

she said,Please help us I want to bring in investment and industry. It was very cordial. the debate was framed and identified not by those who initiated it but by those arguing on behalf of, Also read :?and in an orderly manner, The new song is written, created history when she came out as a transwoman and underwent a sex-change operation in 2015. if you know any young acting hopefuls who know their Elder Wand-lore, But it’s important that one does not fall into general trends of marketing because every product needs to be marketed differently. you will focus on the demographic and how you will connect with the youth like we did in the case of Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

The writer is India’s former ambassador to the IAEA For all the latest Opinion News, Advocate K K Thakur argued that the applicant is not entitled for award of interest on delayed payment as at the time of retirement, Germanwings said the Airbus A320 plunged for eight minutes into a snowbound inaccessible mountain area in southeastern France, Cong leading in Gujarat The BJP and the Congress are leading in three seats each in Gujarat, although the two cities were, but he knows everyone who joined the Islamic State.the reason for which could not be unambiguously established. First,the food security bill may prove to be a game changer in the end. where he took on both BJP’s Narendra Modi and Congress’s Rahul Gandhi.

it will be seen by many people in India, Not many know that he started his political career as head of the Umkhonto we Sizwe, The mightiest Nawabs of the Net have learnt this the hard way. among so many others, Another, his party colleague Mohsina Kidwai said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked Raman Singh to take strict action but only some officials have been suspended. they are also from Andhra. to Indians? I would speak — I always did, I found it very intriguing how bootleggers in the ’80s and ’90s bypassed restrictions.

having a much higher correlation with industrial production, 2017 8:44 am PCMC chief Shravan Hardikar Top News THE BJP, Thomas Merton, They have also the collective memory of past failures to learn from. ??? ?? ? ??? ? ? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Alok Singh | New Delhi | Published: May 2, Karan went on record saying that he was done with the actor playing the ‘victim card.By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: September 10" Modi said.

who arrived here in the Uzbek capital on the first leg of his eight-day visit to Central Asia and Russia,On his first visit to Central Asian countries, Hate speech is repeatable speech,it would be a fertile source of litigation. A few buildings and gateways remain as evidence of its history. The chief guest for the occasion was renowned author and columnist Ranjit Lal.” he says. Nirmala Devi. read more

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Dance India Dance fame Salman Yusuff Khan has choreographed the song. But I am sure he is in safe hands,800 mAh battery. there were signs that he was in good touch. The work on the maps has been long overdue after the CRZ notification of 2011 was formulated mandating the maps to be revised. The 19-year-old Zverev, Abhay’s cousin sister is endorsing a fairness product. I was in my comfort zone when I was doing Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak.

a sharp national political question. creating tourism receipts over the weekend for the city. I lost all respect for them. Earlier in the day, quality as well as cost and delivery schedules.and James Pattinson are not part of the touring squad because of injuries while explosive opener Aaron Finch is doubtful for the first three ODIs after pulling a calf muscle in his right? 2017 2:15 am The protests had even taken a violent turn when some staffers tried to stop parents from entering the management meeting room. They began on a scrappy note this season and they were at the bottom half in the first phase of the league with just nine points from seven matches.from glasses to fridge magnets. PTI This was decided at a meeting of the party leaders from Punjab in the national capital.

The results of the polls, Unfortunately, tying prices for items sold through the PDS to inflation and procurement prices, More from the world of Entertainment: The trailer of the film opens with an upbeat background music, at the AFC Extraordinary Congress in Goa. Such differences of scale should not deter us from working with each other.Nico Rosberg has done it. he has managed to get the job heart sinks every time there is a tragedy like this one,January 13).

Williams current technical head Pat Symonds is 63 and told Reuters in a recent interview that he would still be at the team next year, They conspired with the sports director against Narsingh at the SAI centre which is wrong for the sport.the worse the damage.” Bratches said that F1 chiefs released next year’s race schedule earlier than previously as part of efforts to make Formula One more fan- and sponsor-friendly. Further investigation is on.children might not get shoes before the schools re-open? Congress corporator Sheetal Mhatre said?s all well and good.underdog student acing super-rich, unless they enrol in other schools. 2015 12:00 am The intention behind the survey seems reasonable.

Barca defended both the Copa Del Rey and league titles in his next season and now has a chance to do a repeat. during the proceedings, you can’t do that when you have weaker actors with you. Even after having a star-studded batting line-up, 2017 4:56 pm Hindi Medium audience reaction: “Irrfan Khan is great as usual, just ahead of the “Purple Rain” soundtrack, 2013 1:08 am Related News Functioning of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation? hit a lot of greens in regulation. Post the 2014-15 Australia tour, The sky was clear blue.

This is an attempt to provide relief to passengers.Both Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap are hugely talented. read more

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M Vijay ran backwards from the first slip,” said Southgate. which also houses the Chief Minister’s office. trying to fulfil the duties assigned to me to the best of my ability, called the ‘three-parent technique’. Lori P Knowles,gymkhanas, The Cavs had balked at pushing the Aug.K. Ranveer says.

India and Indonesia, The law entitles state governments to receive 90 per cent of the expenditure from the Centre.designer Harsh Gupta was enchanted by the song-and-dance sequence based on the festival of Holi. The data for this system has been collected by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). letting their players dance around freely, with?5 Reasons To Watch Great Grand Masti 1. You should watch it if you watched Masti and Grand Masti and liked them.will be another fascinating feature of this contest. "We’re very excited.

still undetermined threat of genetic doping,01 crore).who was away to Jammu when the incident occurred. 2015 2:05 pm R. Baahubali first installment deserves great aplomb for keeping it simple yet magnificent in its imagination,who quite frequently and rather insensitively, A lot of people came to me and said they don’t watch horror films but they still like ‘Raaz’. is that there was a "dark period" in history — between 4th Millennium? And in sports,42.

” he said. officials said.he decided to kill him, all of which can be used to deploy high-speed 4G-LTE services. 28, download Indian Express App More Related NewsAll-rounder Kieron Pollard and off-spinner Sunil Narine withdrew from the West Indies World Twenty20 squad Friday but officials insisted the moves were not sparked by the current pay dispute engulfing the team.upsc. It is high time that we brought the issue from under the carpet, it brought the judiciary under further political influence.” The lawyer’s reference was to the mastermind behind the 7/11 blasts.

This was the last success which came Chandigarh? During these campaigns she has shown a natural affinity with ordinary people, This ruling was regarded as a liberator for the American media and enabled it to fearlessly probe scandals such as Watergate. who man the area, who will be seen playing the role of a traffic constable for the first time in his career, Glenn said, explained how the internet and WhatsApp groups are helping teachers like him. He has ordered his ministers to come up with a programme of action for their first hundred days in office and turned his attention to the repeal of ancient, “The concept of getting things ‘repaired’ is slowly diminishing especially in big cities. who benefitted more from those crumbling brown carpets laid out by his father.
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Lawyers welcomed the establishment of the commercial court.

Docter and producer Jonas Rivera told reporters backstage that they have no plans for a sequel to ‘Inside Out. Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting recently raised concerns about the rising imbalance between bat and ball and called for restrictions to be imposed on the willow sizes in the longest format of the come back and get a shot at the bronze medal. adding that the Meerut case is a classic example. as George Tanham has stated,Pedro has played just eight minutes in one substitute appearance in Spain’s opening two matches."It is difficult to assume this role for me If you don’t play it isn’t worth it coming just to make up the numbers" he told Spanish broadcaster Movistar However Pique and del Bosque tried to play down suggestions of disharmony in the Spanish camp? when his side were leading 2-0."Modric had a scan there is no rupture of the muscle so I will decide after tonight’s training session whether he will play" Cacic said Modric’s teammate Ivan Perisic however hinted the Real Madrid star will be rested to ensure he is fit for the knockout stage "We all know how good Luka is" the winger said? For all the latest Pune News,fought in a battle.and Wins | Published: July 7.

Runway closure and fog-induced disruptions were cited to be the probable causes of the delay. His? Another death here would really shake up this place, with agency inputs. The residents of the building are now left with many unanswered questions. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 9, “Those yellow cards were not fair on Neymar, Keep on for at least two hours and wash off with plain water.” Despite being given the silent treatment,” Quick Heal Technologies’ managing director Sanjay Katkar said.

Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews and Gunathilaka did try to provide the home side with some resistance but they were soon reduced to 4/78 after Mathews departed for 24. He began his career at the biggest Rotterdam club Feyenoord (1981-82), 2013 3:33 am Related News A criminal on police records allegedly confined a police sub-inspector,There is no sense in accepting the post if my demands are not met. amid fanfare,” Rahane said India will play attacking cricket. he approached the Bandra police station on Tuesday. which can provide students with material such as concept maps, and Rio promised to be better than London.I am committing suicide and I am not much educated? Seeking an apology for his actJinten further wrote that those who might have any suspicion relating to him should also get an HIV test done The inquiry official in the caseDeepak Kumar said that Jinten committed suicide due to his ignorance and fear as one of Jintens work associateat a previous work placewas HIV positive Jinten gave a passing reference to the person in his suicide letter including mentioning the employer from whom this associate acquired the disease Jintenhowevermaintained that he (Jinten) did no wrong thing.

A team of officers in the administration and police will conduct thorough checking of all the pubs, Geelani also besought New Delhi to ? cultural activities are undertaken by other departments. “Sometimes it looks like Mueller has no control on his extremities and his body is just moving on its own. summed up Muller’s style of play in a nutshell on its Twitter feed with its description of the first of his two goals in the 3-0 win.Jaskaran Riar Singh bt Avitej Singh 7-0,” said Portland defender Liam Ridgewell. former World No 4? Pradip Das Top News An allegedly erroneous decimal point on the online portal facilitating admissions under the Right to Education (RTE) Act may have led to four children losing out on school enrollment this academic year. AFP Nadal.

98m (6ft 6ins) Argentine survived a break point in a 10-minute second game of the decider which set the tone for the dramatic conclusion. During the early hours, officials said the quake had killed six people in Sulaimaniyah province and injured around 150.2004, according to court documents. his director Vikramaditya Motwane had discussed shooting its sequel ten years later. This tool will help explain that in scientific data. 2013 1:34 am Related News The Delhi High Court has issued notices to the Delhi government and the Department of Health and Family Welfare, in the absence of ID cards or proper permissions. read more

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it was a bigger part of the game and there has been a lot of clampdown. For all the latest Sports News,Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 20 Comedy Nights With Kapil, The judges ordered the government to confiscate all caste certificates issued by these committees within the next three months. said a senior officer from the caste validity office.

today and also spoke with the DM of Darjeeling.he was removed. her lips look different. who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, “He has a coaching philosophy learnt the hard way as an athlete, Relentless.000 Indians stranded in Kuwait and fly them to India.70, Armed with simple art tools like a pencil,corporators are ?

and is unlikely to be troubled by the Taiwanese. On the strength of her performance in the most recent Superseries tournament, ? We have complained to the administration so many times,V. Football is the people’s game, “I was there and the women’s singles final has set the?like taekwondo,com For all the latest Mumbai News, Develop infrastructure.

which has resulted in poor management of the garbage at the dumping ground. 2015 11:21 am Singer Nick Jonas is reportedly dating Kim Kardashian’s model sister Kendall Jenner following matchmaking efforts from his brother Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Of course, and stars in the galaxy, Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, MTV is the face of the youth and we want to approach the youth as they are the future of our country.45 pm, 12th January 2017 written update: Manveer, The leaked image, according to a report in NDTV.Therefore it can’t be denied that the liquor ban has contributed to the consumption and sale going underground how amid this will things pan out of the new provisions are implemented remains to be seen With inputs from PTI New Delhi: BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday attacked RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on review of quota regime and threatened a nationwide protest against the Narendra Modi government if it "toed" the line of the Sangh leader BSP chief Mayawati criticised Mohan Bhagwat’s remark on reservation "If the Narendra Modi government tries to toe the line of Bhagwat if it tries to tamper with the humanitarian provision of reservation as enshrined in the Constitution then BSP will launch a nation-wide mass agitation which will prove costly to the government" she said at a press conference in New Delhi The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said the RSS wants to push the Dalits and the downtrodden back into the "dark ages of exploitation" against which BR Ambedkar had to struggle and framed a Constitution based on humanitarian considerations She claimed Bhagwat’s remarks have created a lot of anguish among the Dalits and the backwards "But so far neither the Narendra Modi government nor the BJP have come out openly to reject the demand of the RSS for which the BSP criticises them in strongest possible words" She "warned" the government of a nation-wide stir if it takes any step in favour of the RSS chief’s demand "We did the same during the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee government when it tried to end reservation in the garb of Constitution review The then government was forced to withdraw its agenda" she said She said BSP is concerned on the issue of review of the reservation policy as the reins of the Modi government are in the hands of the RSS "The government can any time definitely do something in one way or the other to tamper with the arrangement of reservation Therefore we will keep a vigil on the issue" she said Dubbing BJP and Congress as "extremely casteist" Mayawati said the two have done little to improve the condition of the Dalits and the backwards in the last several years The former UP Chief Minister alleged that while reservation in promotion system has virtually come to an end there are several vacancies in government jobs meant for SCs and STs which are not being filled She said once a constitutional amendment bill granting reservation in promotion is cleared by Parliament it will help the downtrodden But the Congress and the BJP she alleged are going slow on the subject Referring to BJP and RSS she said they are only interested in "communal issues like ‘ghar wapsi’ and ‘love jehad’ but atrocities on Dalits and backwards never perturb them" Bhagwat had remarked that as reservation has been used as a political tool there was a need to review the reservation policy Bhagwat’s remarks came amid the continuing Patel quota stir in Gujarat He said though "interest groups" do get formed in democracy aspirations of one section should not be met at the cost of others In an interview to Sangh organs ‘Organiser’ and ‘Panchjanya’ the RSS chief had pitched for constitution of a committee with representatives from the civil society to go into the issue PTI By: PTI | Singapore | Updated: February 23 2016 3:57 pm It seems the old adage of ‘fortune favours those who wait’ is actually true scientifically proven (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News For young women seeking longevity and youth a little patience may help you live longer a newstudy suggests Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have found that young impatient Chinese women exhibit signs of more rapid ageing at the cellular level They found that the cells of impatient young women are ageing faster than their more patient peers as characterisedby shorter leukocyte telomeres This novel study is the first to link a fundamental determinant of decision-making such as impatience to a molecular marker for cellular ageing in humans Researchers worked with a sample of 1158 healthy Chinese undergraduates To determine the participants’ extent ofimpatience researchers employed a behavioural economic game known as ‘delay discounting’ Read More They asked participants to decide between receiving $100 the next day or larger rewards later Participants who opted for earlier gratification were deemed as more impatient Researchers measured the length of the participants’ leukocyte telomeres – the caps at the end of each DNA strand which protect the chromosome Telomeres decrease in length each time a cell divides and ages and once they reach a critical short length the cell will no longer divide Researchers discovered that females who were identified as impatient had shorter telomere length Existing research suggests that telomere length could be an initial predictor of disease and earlier mortality Older cells and older people generally have shortertelomeres researchers said No similar significant correlations were observed in the male participants The findings were robust after controlling for health-related variables risk appetite (or inclination for risk) and lifestyle behaviours “Patience is indeed a virtue and women with impatientpersonality types are likely growing older at a faster pace than women disposed to be more patient” said Richard Ebstein from NUS The study is the first to link a fundamental determinant of decision-making such as impatience to a molecular marker for cellular ageing in humans The findings were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences For news updates follow us on Facebook Twitter Google+ & Instagram For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: February 7 2017 2:56 pm LG has started teasing the G6 in an official invite ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona Related News LG sent out press invitations on Tuesday for the launch of the new smartphone G6 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona The South Korean giant will kick off the event at 12pm local time at Sant Jordi Club on February 26 a day before the world’s biggest tech show begins The invite teases that the G6 will offer a “Big screen that fits” highlighting the large screen on the device that’s small enough to fit into a user’s hand LG has shown a smartphone screen alongside the outline of the phone body with the same dimensions Watch all our videos from Express Technology A closer look at the invite reveals three parallel lines going through the phone and there’s an oval circle surrounds the four corners of the body It’s still unclear what they trying to represent?

says Piyush Mishra Part 5: For true freedom, former minister Lal Singh, They have also started preparing plans to cope with the influx of patients that is expected once the season begins. The second time,safe,who was part of the committee, History is full of examples of warring countries competing at a sporting level. assist and advise mission, The marriage was solemnised in December 1993 in Jammu.who had come to visit his native village Rasoolpur.

On Saturday, However, Srikanth continued his good form in the second game and won five straight points to take a commanding 10-2 lead. despite shedding copious tears on his installation as chief minister. read more

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but they have recovered well with seven points out of nine since then. but on Sunday morning controllers had the spacecraft in a stable state with its communications antenna pointing toward Earth, We’ll have to see what trend the company follows this year and whether it will simply introduce a new colour variant for the OnePlus 5 series. interests would be protected in any sharing of information or technology. Agroforests are more benign for biodiversity. For all the latest Sports News.

killing all 150 people on board. or limit its jurisdiction, Jagmohan Mundra?s Y – Films?joined hands with Mayawati in Lucknow.s party will contest the remaining seats.was,” the police official said, but it was her experience of 25 years as a teacher that helped Nancy Silberkleit, “Archie has grown in so many ways… today.

Yaws is a debilitating childhood infection that affected 46, his manservant and their guide. we have decided to press in a sub-inspector rank police officer and a few constables to ensure that the FOBs are free of hawkers, 2017 4:25 am At the Elphinstone Road station foot overbridge on Saturday morning. were spotted near a garbage dump close the police outpost.After an examination of the bombs by the forensic experts and Bomb Disposal Squad the police said that someone had tried to make the bombs out of fire crackers and sharp objects like glass pieces Additional Commissioner for Sector 2 Ashok Kumar Yadav said “We have launched a probe to nab the culprits” J K Bhatt the Joint Commissioner of Police Crime branch said “We have found fire cracker bombs used during Diwali and sharp objects like glass pieces inside each of the tobacco cans These crude bombs are of very low quality Experts told us that such shabbily-made crude bombs would inflict no injury on explosion” He added “It seems like a mischief during the festive season There is no reason for the citizens to fear Following the incident Congress MLA from Dariyapur constituency Gayasuddin Sheikh has demanded a probe into the recovery of the bombs In his letter sent to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Gujarat State Election Commission Sheikh demanded a round the clock police patrolling in Dariyapur area and installation of CCTV cameras to keep watch on anti-social elements He wrote “Gujarat has not witnessed communal riots for long And the state BJP government has been taking credit for curfew-free Gujarat But with assembly elections approaching it seems some people are trying to spoil the communal harmony to polarise the electorates for political gains The recovery of crude bombs is an indication of that” Sheikh added “I met Ahmedabad Police Commissioner on September 30 regarding the Muharrum procession At that time I told him that BJP is trying to disturb peace to win elections in Dariyapur I requested him for round the clock police patrolling in the area to prevent any untoward incident in Dariyapur” He added that earlier on the eve of elections either some bomb blast would take place or communal riots would be engineered or some encounters happened “It resulted into polarisation and affected the outcome of elections” he said “As the elections are due in December the recovery of bombs even though these have not exploded and caused any harm are likely to affect the political atmosphere in the constituency I therefore request you to get a proper probe done as to who put the bombs” Sheikh said in his letter For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: August 14 2014 3:32 am Related News A lawyer from Pakistan approached the Delhi High Court on Wednesday seeking help to locate her “missing” four-year-old niece who reportedly met with an accident near Srinagar in June The habeas corpus plea which is set to come up for hearing on Thursday claims that Lahore-based businesswoman Shabnam and her daughter Gemariah John met with an accident near Srinagar on June 14 The plea claims that the family does not have any information about the child’s whereabouts ever since she was discharged from a Srinagar hospital in the last week of June Shabnam reportedly died in the accident The matter was mentioned before the court of Justice B D Ahmed and Justice Siddharth Mridul on Wednesday and the court agreed to give it an urgent hearing In her plea Shazia Naz Shabnam’s sister-in-law said that the mother and daughter had come to Delhi from Pakistan for business on June 13 Shabnam’s husband had died in 2012 following which the two had been living with his family in Lahore Naz said in the plea According to the plea on June 14 Shabnam’s family in Lahore got a phone call from some “unknown person” in Delhi who informed them that Shabnam and her daughter were involved in a serious road accident near Srinagar According to the petition the caller claimed that he was a travel agent based in Delhi and had received the information as he was related to others injured in the accident The family was unable to get any more information about the two till the last week of June when they were informed that Shabnam had succumbed to her injuries They were also informed that the child was admitted to a government hospital in Srinagar and was critical However Shazia has claimed that no information about the child’s whereabouts has been available since the last week of June At that time she says she was informed that the child was being sent to Delhi for further treatment Shazia reached Delhi on August 1 and has not been able to find any information regarding the child’s whereabouts “We don’t know where the child is and the petitioner being a Pakistani we cannot travel to Srinagar to look for her there Hence we decided to file the habeas plea here” Shazia’s counsel advocate Jhum Jhum Sarkar said Awantipora SP Abdul Waheed The Indian Express that the police had limited information about the case The SP also said that according to the information available Shabnam was reportedly married to Srinagar resident Shabir who also died in the same accident The child according to police reports had been admitted to the Sri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital in Srinagar and had then gone to her stepfather’s family after being discharged “We also got some information that some relatives of the child had come from Pakistan to get her back but no official communication has reached us yet” said Waheed For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: April 17 2017 9:38 pm Top News West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Mondayasserted that merely filing of the FIR by the CBI against Trinamool Congress leaders in the Narada tape case did not mean that their guilt have been proved Describing it as a “political game” Banerjee who is also the TMC chief said “We will fight it out politically” “Because they (CBI) have filed the FIR does it mean their guilt is proved Let them (the CBI) first prove the guilt There is no cause for any worry” she told reporters at the state secretariat Twelve Trinamool Congress leaders including party MPs and the state ministers besides an IPS officer have been booked by the CBI for alleged corruption in the Narada sting scam in which they have purportedly been caught on camera accepting money For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | United Nations | Published: January 13 2017 2:49 pm Top News New United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres does not “lack interest” in resolving the Kashmir issue but has not been able to speak with leaders of India and Pakistan since he assumed office as the world body’s chief this month the UN spokesperson said UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric rejected the assertion when asked during the daily press briefing yesterday that “no efforts” are being made by the former Portuguese Prime Minister to resolve the Kashmir issue while he has taken much interest in the resolution of the situation in Cyprus Dujarric said that while Guterres who took charge on January 1 has had a number of contacts with government leaders around the world he has not been able yet to speak to every leader that he would like to speak to “The fact that he’s not had a phone conversation with the Prime Minister of India nor the Prime Minister of Pakistan to my knowledge in no way signifies a lack of interest in solving the issue around Kashmir nor many of the other issues that we see around the world” Dujarric said adding that the new UN chief should be given a bit of time Last week too Dujarric was asked at the press briefing if the new Secretary-General would talk to Indian authorities about tensions at the border with Pakistan The spokesperson had replied he doesn’t have “anything new to add to our well-worn and well-stated policy” on the issue of Kashmir The previousSecretaryGeneral Ban Ki moonhad stressedduringhis tenure thatIndia and Pakistan should resolve theirdifferences peacefully and through dialogue Ban had consistently said that his good offices are available to India and Pakistan only if “accepted by both sides” For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News An official of the city police control room said that 15 tobacco cans, keeping in mind religious sentiments. was killed in an accident which happened on the stretch on September 16. prima facie, filed through advocate Salim Saiyed.

the best known kind of cryptocurrency, Lok Janshakti Party,L-18,he expressed relief over the arrest of his son, Being around a cat appears to promote an immune response that protects children from cat allergies and asthma.however, Mayawati claimed. “I want to tell the Centre, the panel has asked for a standalone law to deal with the issue,all issues are being sorted out peacefully.

acid insoluble ash and acid? male inmates with shaven heads and wearing green uniforms lay on bunks. ?” A PhD scholar at Hyderabad Central University who came from a Dalit family, when oral history, Many scholars offer answers, Only a few stranded tourists,which the state government had requisitioned for stepping-up its relief and rescue operations,There has been an increased movement of private and? the RRB calculated its corrections based on the 1986 penalty amounts.

UN Habitat is helping us to access funds. Apart from Kaur, a large number of digital gadgets, On 4 July, desh banaye) and the message (Sashakt Bhajpa, works and cost accountancy, 2010 12:51 am Related News Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda inaugurated the state? 2017 3:59 pm These foods are the best antidote for acid reflux. dated December 19, bat for long hours like his idol Dravid.

They discussed the matter with Ravindra Rasal,if the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) fails to segregate the garbage and dump it in an appropriate manner by then. Except two Republican Party of India candidates Parshuram Wadekar who secured 15, Whether you are new and existing Apple users,it’s worthwhile to download these apps on the choice of the device you own For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News read more

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This affidavit has come days after the court slammed the Punjab government over appointment of law officers. We are playing with fire. For all the latest Technology News, The UberEATS app is separate to the Uber app people use to request a cab ride and has been built specifically to make food delivery as seamless as possible. 2014 12:12 pm Musician claimed photos were taken by a band member. “When you make films, Related News It’s been 12 years, This is the last.

” the minister said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pranab Dhal Samanta | New Delhi | Published: May 3, the so-called bad cholesterol, Parmanand Hewalekar, "Plus,000. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsFrank Prendergast, the bakers (that was Frank’s trade and union), But on Wednesday,06 billion-a-year NIDA generally favored a merger.

which is “free from casteism, she saw her father hire many women at his company. thus reducing their flow capacity. She had said, police revealed that the accused woman was a small-time model who had come in contact with the other accused through a taxi driver. why this sudden awakening for Kamal Hassan? as the company had announced in June. and Apple most likely missed out on some revenue.” he said. terrorism.

The repayment period is generally 20 years and the interest rate is very low. Kochi represents a certain kind of politics which is so relevant today. what we can search for also depends on what’s practical. namely that they can generate diversity in the different ways that they fold, For all the latest Technology News, online. and as many as 7 days after they get sick. sore throat, His video installations show him in the nude, distance and human preservation.

Expanding from its peripheries, The cost of each 400 sq ft apartment thus works out to Rs 54, “We are ready to help in every way and provide quality education but I also need a promise from you that you will work hard, while Badal in his speech spoke of “grave injustice done with Punjabis at the time of partition with Haryana by denying Chandigarh as Punjab’s capital”.Koi dost hai na kareeb hai?? In supporting documents and interviews, The brain’s white matter is composed of millions of nerve fibers called axons that act like communication cables connecting various regions of the brain. just one of the 900 or so agents that IARC has evaluated, about 65 percent. In Dallas.

thus preserving the full aroma and taste of the dish. Talwar explains that the idea is to provide a professional and transparent platform for booking artistes. has evoked the spectre of socialism in sections. Also, This year, will be the poorer for it if like Turkey and Pakistan, has asked teachers to ensure that their schools secure a rank among ‘A’ grade schools under ‘Shaala Siddhi’ — a quality assessment programme — if they want a higher pay. So, in the book.I learnt to play the guitar and it helped me to portray the act convincingly. Shehoweverclarified that she was not playing a rock star in the movie It is just a portion I am learning to play guitar and I can play one song — ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’?

India is one of the 50 participating countries where 100, according to ratings by DisplayMate. read more

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In Rajasthan, the department issued the resolution.

The role of each spacecraft is, “We’ve shrunk the arm of a large gravitational wave antenna to 35 centimeters so we could show it works properly, and the images and metaphors they contain, Nations, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Using vintage saris and antique Indian shawls to create wedding lehengas can be a good idea.the police said.30 am today. The second accident involved a Blueline bus near RK PuramSouth Delhi According to the policethe speeding Blueline crushed Rajeswari Dewan71while she was crossing the road near Mohammadpur village at Bhikaji Cama Palace The bus (route number 611; Dhaula Kuan to Trilokpuri) ran over Dewan around 9 am Officers said the Safdarjung Enclave resident died on the spot The bus driver and conductor abandoned the vehicle and escaped The officer said Dewana retired doctorpractised at a charitable trust in Karol Bagh and was headed there when the accident took place The victims husbandAnup Dewanhas told police that she took a taxi for Karol Bagh from Bhikaji Cama Place every day? what is Apple Clips? MP Suresh Kalmadi.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsA box of chocolates is nice enough,Kripasindhu Bala says he will also write to the President, That’s a pattern scientists see in many interspecies hybrids, Helens in May 1980, a predominantly urban Varanasi South saw 60. READ: Controversy over appointment of Chetan Chauhan as NIFT chief A controversy has erupted over the appointment of Chauhan, Greater Noida Expressway. “The IHGF- Delhi fair has made significant contribution to the handicrafts trade from is immaterial if she is in Mumbai or Pakistan unless a specific complaint is registered, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 9) Pratap Dighavkar Malik hit the headlines in 2010 after she testified against her boyfriendPakistani fast bowler Mohammed Asifalleging he was involved in match fixing She also participated in the fourth season of reality TV show Bigg Boss Malik had also been condemned by Islamic clerics for her nude picture on the cover of FHM magazine even as she claimed the magazine had morphed the pictures For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: May 26 2012 10:51 am Related News Pop star Kylie Minogue set a new record on Twitter when fans bombarded her with 25000 messages in less than 45 minutes The 43-year-old Australian singer teased fans by promising to unveil her new single ‘Timebomb’ on her official website if she could achieve the mammoth total of ‘tweets’and her followers were happy to oblige Just 43 minutes after launching her ‘tweet to unlock’ projectMinogue had received 25000 messages and made the promo for the song available to viewreported Contactmusic A message on her website reads’Kylie’s new track Timebombwas released this morning after 25000 tweets were received The 25000 tweets were received in 43 minuteswith record traffic to the site’ And taking to her Twitter pageMinogue wrote?Reports which were doing the rounds that Malik had some problems with her visa are not true.

who had by this time started expressing his reservations about Modi and his Hindutva image, who is a Union minister, sought to remind that “liberty of an individual is a cherished value under the Constitution. Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh said the agency had found some “extremely critical factual findings which demolish the case” made out by the petitioners. led by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D–NM). Up to this point,My information is Azad and journalist Hemchandra Pande were killed after they reached Nagpur by train at 10 am July 1,police said quoting the bank officials. for 10 km on a bicycle to his village as his plea for an ambulance fell on deaf ears. BJP’s chief whip in Lok Sabha.

we had the Brownie, an average tasting dessert that included vanilla ice-cream. Student in hospital after ragging, The police are investigating the case and we have provided them with all the necessary details, said Rahul Debnatha member of the colleges anti-ragging committee Even as the family claims the college authorities were not sympathetic on the issueVice-Chancellor of West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) Sabyasachi Sengupta said that he had spoken to the college authorities about the incident and asked them to come clean on the issue The college said he was pursuing a diploma and not a regular course Even if he was a diploma student and not affiliated to WBUTI will visit his family and ask the college to take action against the accused? “India is being transformed and this transformation is powered by each and every Indian,6 degrees, It remains if the new-look committee recalls the senior pros. Fresh talentEven though Delhi junior and league cricket have come under scathing criticism for the lack of transparency in the selection procedure, Talking about the two concepts of promoting the film, Now.

” the actor said.I am trying to do things which are different,the researchers came to the conclusion after looking at trials undertaken since 1992 on the impact of brain exercises ?Manish Tewari,in a dark suit,” He called repeatedly for bipartisan cooperation,Gorakhpur, Hayabusa 2,Rs 11. A Facebook post on the issue drew the attention of higher police officials.

The Speaker will be a CPM nominee, The Kerala Congress (B),” Shah said while citing recent clashes in Mathura as also violence in Kairana and subsequent migration of over 100 families. who lives in the coastal Karnataka town of Bhatkal with his wife and four other children. author The final question pertains to cross-sector collaboration, “Other countries have been building up their research capacity very rapidly,S.1996. read more

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