first_imgStay on target Super Mario Run Comes to Android This WeekSuper Mario Run Jumps to Android in March Speaking with Japan’s Nikkei, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that Super Mario Run did not meet the company’s expectations. Though profitable, it didn’t hit its sales targets.There are a number of reasons why only five percent of Super Mario Run‘s users purchased the full game. The main one was its steep pricewall. Users can play three levels for free. If they want to unlock the rest of the levels, they have to fork over $10. Given how most mobile games rarely cost more than $5, $10 no doubt discourage many from purchasing the full thing.Super Mario Run‘s online requirements also hurt it. Users had to be connected to the internet in order to play. Though certain modes in the game require an online connection to work, most of the game is single player. It was difficult to play the game anywhere that didn’t have a WiFi connection, making it decidedly less mobile friendly.Despite Super Mario Run not meeting sales expectations, Nintendo plans to continue that game’s pay model for future releases. Unlike Super Mario Run, the recently released Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play game, albeit with microtransactions. According to Kimishima, this game was a one-off. That means any upcoming mobile Nintendo games will likely cost $10.Super Mario Run was released on Android devices this week. It features new levels that users can play for free. The game will no doubt generate a good amount of profit for Nintendo, though it likely won’t help the game met its original sales figures. After all, Android users know exactly what to expect from the game and may choose to pass on it.The next Nintendo mobile title will be Animal Crossing. We don’t know much about the game or its price, but we’ll hopefully find out more later this year.last_img read more

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first_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Stay on target Is Skyscraper any good?It’s serviceable.What’s it about?It’s about 90 minutes long, maybe longer with trailers.Ha ha. Wait – 90 minutes? Aren’t action movies longer than that these days?Yeah, not a lot of fat on this one – which, for a change, is actually kind of a problem. First movie like this I’ve seen in awhile that feels like it could’ve stood to gain weight.How so?Well, the skyscraper in the movie isn’t just a building. It’s a new “tallest building ever” with a supposedly unique structure, it’s own wind turbines, basically an entire vertical city inside (including a whole park with trees and a waterfall!) and a bunch of top-secret virtual-reality “stuff” on the super-secure top floors and a whole bunch of special security systems keeping it all running. So you’d expect in most movies a big chunk of Act 1 being scenes taking us through all this, so we get a sense of where everything is in relation to everything else when for when the action gets going.But they don’t do that?They do not. It pretty much jumps right from a few “Wow, that’s a nifty building!” establishing shots and a two-sequence walkthrough of a weird V.R. thing they need to explain for the finale and then it’s time for all hell to break loose. Not a lot of time to get situated or have a real sense of space.Got it. So… what’s the story?Die Hard, but on fire.Okay, enough with the jokes…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as a one-legged ex-FBI hardass turned security-expert consulting on an ultra high tech “tallest building ever” skyscraper in Hong Kong that finds itself under attack by heavily-armed mercenaries for not-immediately-clear reasons whose plan involves setting fire to the middle-floors to disable the fire-control systems for… other reasons. This in turn traps Johnson’s wife and two children in what was supposed to be a deserted residential floor, meaning he has to figure out a way to climb the building, get back inside, rescue them, figure out what the bad guys want and stop them all while evading an attempt to frame HIM for the whole scheme.Wait – if the bad guys are already covering their attack/robbery/whatever with a fire, why are they framing someone? Isn’t that more suspicious and attention-drawing?Because if the authorities weren’t held back by suspicions of the guy who’s also the one man in a position to save the day. It would be harder to still depict the Chinese police, military, and government authorities as hyper-competent, ruthlessly-efficient stalwarts of effective justice. It’s the Die Hard “every authority figure but McClane sucks at their job” thing ain’t going to fly in current Chinese co-productions.” So they are wholly capable of handling the situation but… don’t, so that the visiting Western megastar can still be the hero.Ah. So this is like that second Pacific Rim where the fact that they even shot this in English and bothered opening it wide in the States is almost kind of a courtesy?Certainly seems that way.How are the actors?Fine, I guess? It’s mainly coasting on Johnson’s seemingly-bottomless reserves of charisma and screen-presence. It has the occasional infusion of “Wow, she’s usually in better things than this!” class from Campbell. And the icy gravitas (and “hometown” star-power) from Singaporean superstar Chin Han and some occasional left-field Bond Girl-style sex-appeal courtesy Taiwanese star Hannah Quinlivan. But it seems she’s slipped in from a different, more interesting movie as a henchwoman who ends up overshadowing a fairly dull main bad guy (her scenes all feel like a more “traditional” home-grown Hong Kong actioner, all slick posing and absurdly casual mass-murder of police/guard/worker extras.Any standout sequences?A few. The two big “The Rock has to figure out how to climb a building without climbing gear” scenes are both pretty great. And there’s a big bit once the family is reunited where they have to work together to get out of a jam that’s ridiculous but interestingly-staged enough that I started to wonder why that wasn’t the whole movie instead of just doing Die Hard again. A lot of the rest is pretty forgettable, though I did like the meta-gag of having a huge crowd watching the whole thing below in the street to encourage the movie-audience when and how to react.But do you recommend it?I mean… I don’t “not” recommend it? Like a lot of Johnson’s second-tier vehicles, it feels a little bit like something that’s supposed to look like a “grown-up” movie, but the target audience is really closer to 8 year-olds. It’s not a chore, but maybe don’t go full price.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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first_imgVATICAN CITY — President Barack Obama and the Vatican gave distinctly different accounts of the president’s audience with Pope Francis on Thursday, with Obama stressing their common ground on poverty and inequality but Vatican officials emphasizing sharp differences over Obama’s health care law which mandates contraception coverage.Obama described himself as “incredibly moved” by his nearly hour-long session with the popular pontiff. He said the two spent the most time discussing the plight of the poor and the marginalized as well as regions of conflict and the elusive nature of peace around the world.The Vatican, in a statement shortly after the meeting, said discussions centered on questions of particular relevance for the church in the U.S., “such as the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection” — issues that have fueled divisions between Obama and the church.Contraception coverage and religious freedom have been central to the church’s objections to Obama’s health care law, which is facing a challenge on those grounds before the Supreme Court.But Obama said those discussions took place with the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, not with Francis. “We actually didn’t talk a whole lot about social schisms in my conversations with His Holiness,” he added. “In fact, that really was not a topic of conversation.”last_img read more

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first_imgThe two candidates vying to represent the people of the 17th Legislative District — incumbent Monica Stonier and former Clark County GOP Chairwoman Lynda Wilson — don’t have to worry about losing in the primary, but their war chests are already growing at a pace that will put them on course to have one of the most expensive local legislative races. Combined, the two have raised about $182,330. Stonier has brought in more than $100,000, including in-kind donations. Wilson is not far behind, pulling in about $78,900 so far. The entire 98-member state House is up for re-election this year, and the 17th District is being targeted by Democrats, who want to maintain their control of the House, and Republicans hoping to pick up seats. “It’s a race many are interested in across the state,” Wilson said. Both candidates are bracing themselves for what could be a close race. Stonier said her campaign “came out of the gate focused,” in anticipation of a heated race. During the 2012 election, Democrat Stonier won her seat by a mere 140 votes. The same year, Republican Don Benton won his Senate seat in the same district by 76 votes over his Democratic opponent, Tim Probst. Because Stonier and Wilson have yet to engage publicly, their campaign narrative at this point is shaped by where their money is coming from.last_img read more

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first_imgHarper’s Bazaar appointed Brian Garnock associate publisher of advertising. Most recently, Garnock served as vice president of advertising at the New York Times.Meredith’s Fitness announced the addition of three new editors: Lisa Haney was named senior fitness editor, Jenna Autouri was appointed fitness editor, and April Franzino was named associated beauty editor.Advanstar Communications appointed Steve Sturm chief marketing officer. Sturm previously served as group vice president of Americas Strategic Research and Planning.Fader Media named Thomas Kay creative director. Previously, Kay headed New York magazine’s Intelligencer section.Brian Hoffman was named executive vice president and chief creative officer of Hoffman Media. Most recently he served as the company’s vice president of brand management.Niche Media founder and CEO Jason Binn was appointed chief advisor to Kevin Ryan, chairman of online fashion and travel retailer the Gilt Groupe. In this role, Binn will lend support to the company’s “continued efforts to nurture and develop relationships with the world’s most prestigious brands.”Financial services publisher SourceMedia named Jim Moore managing director of research and data, heading the company’s new syndicated research and data business. Previously, Moore served as chairman and CEO of Highline Financial.Amy DiTullio was named site director at Most recently, DiTullio served as online managing editor at Women’s Wear Daily.Hearst’s Redbook announced a number of additions to its editorial team: Jennifer Tung was named deputy editor, Katherine Van Itallie was named art director, Jihan Thompson was appointed articles editor and Erin Hobday was named health director. Brandon Holley is returning to print magazines. After a stint as editor-in-chief and business lead of Yahoo! Shine, Condé Nast has named her editor-in-Chief of Lucky magazine, replacing Kim France. From 2005 to 2007 Holley served as editor-in-chief of Condé Nast’s Jane, and launched ELLEgirl in 2001.Several editorial hires have been made at O, the Oprah Magazine: Lauren Kern was appointed executive editor, Michelle Shih was named director of digital editions and lifestyle, Raha Naddaf was named senior editor and Adam Bell was appointed managing editor.Hearst announced a pair of personnel changes at the U.S. edition of Marie Claire: Alison Edmond was named fashion editor-at-large and Elise Nersesian-Solé as articles editor.last_img read more

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Imax Closes New York VR Center Forecasts No New VR Investments for

first_imgWhen it was opened in June of 2017, Imax CEO Richard Gelfond painted it as the first step of a much more ambitious roll-out. “We are excited to kick off our multiplex strategy by launching our first pilot location within a multiplex with AMC,” he said at the time, hinting at plans to launch additional theater outposts.Imax had plans to launch a total of 10 VR centers in multiple countries by the end of that year. “If successful, the intent is to roll out the concept globally to select multiplexes as well as commercial locations such as shopping centers and tourist destinations,” the company said in a press release at the time.However, this year, Imax has been striking a decidedly different tone. The company closed a separate New York location in June, and shut down its Shanghai VR center in early July.  “The consumer reaction was extremely positive, but the numbers just weren’t there,”  Gelfond said during an earnings call earlier this year.After the Kips Bay closure, Imax is operating just 4 remaining VR centers, and executives made it clear to investors this week that they had no plans to ramp up that number with additional investments. “We’re not looking for new business projects,” said Imax CFO Patrick McClymont during Thursday’s earnings call. “We’re keenly focused on the core business. And that will be approach for next year as well.”Company executives also attributed cost savings to the company’s “continued scale-back” of VR and other new business initiatives. This also includes the shuttering of another VR-related project: A cooperation with Google to build a high-end camera for cinematic VR capture was cancelled late last year, as Variety was first to report in August. Imax continues to scale down its virtual reality (VR) ambitions: The company closed its New York-based VR Center in recent days, bringing the total number of such closures up to 3. Separately, executives promised investors on the company’s Q3 earnings call that they wouldn’t spend any additional money on such projects in 2019.The closure of the Imax VR Center at AMC Kips Bay was confirmed by a spokesperson Friday morning, who sent Variety the following statement:“With the launch of the IMAX VR pilot program our intention was to test a variety of different concepts and locations to determine which approaches work well. After a trial period with VR centres in multiplexes, we have decided to conclude the AMC Kips Bay 15 IMAX VR pilot run.”The now-closed VR center was housed in the lobby of the AMC Kips Bay multiplex in New York. It consisted of 12 VR pods, which offered access to a variety of VR games and experiences. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15center_img Popular on Variety last_img read more

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first_img If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda is a massive, phenomenal game that you can and should play for dozens of hours. But eventually, you’re going to want to play something new on your Nintendo console/handheld hybrid. Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda is a new column highlighting cool, smaller Switch games to check out once you’ve saved Hyrule.Voez made some waves earlier this year as the first Nintendo Switch game that couldn’t actually take advantage of the system’s trademark switching feature. A port of a mobile rhythm game, Voez is controlled entirely using the tablet’s multitouch screen and cannot be played on a TV. I don’t think this is a bad thing. Nintendo should let all kinds of games onto the Switch and not force them to follow certain rules. But this does make Voez unique among Nintendo Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda, and after playing it, limits or not, it’s also pretty chill.As far as rhythm games go, Voez is pretty straight forward. Note icons drop down different lanes and players must tap them on beat. Different icons require different gestures like tapping or swiping or holding, like a simpler Elite Beat Agents. Holding the Switch just as a tablet, with the Joy-Con detached to give your thumbs more room to reach, initially feels strange but quickly becomes comfortable.AdChoices广告What gives Voez its unique identity is its strong sense of AESTHETICS. Everything is clean and sleek and peaceful and chill. Digital but warm. There’s a loose story mode made up of diary pages about anime musicians going to the beach or something and that’s totally the game’s vibe. As you play, the lanes themselves pulse and shift around, adding more challenge but also making the game that much more hypnotic and synesthetic. Just groove, bro. I didn’t want to take off the [[REDACTED]] headphones I used to test the game’s high sound quality.As an audio-visual experience Voez encourages you to get lost in it, to just keep playing one more song. Fortunately, there are enough songs to keep you entranced for quite some time. There are over 150 tracks, with new ones recently being added for free. But these aren’t the Top 40 hits you’ll find in Rock Band. Voez is chock full of the Asian dance music, electronic bangers, wistful anime theme songs, and other weird club kid tunes that made me nostalgic for Dance Dance Revolution.These genres might not be everyone’s favorites but I enjoyed the discovery that came from matching the rhythm of an unfamiliar song. It’s different from just playing along with a track you’ve been singing to yourself for years. Multiple difficulty modes also extend the game’s life.As a mobile game Voez was free but on Switch it costs $25. However, this is a good thing. That $25 dollars gets you all the songs in the game as well as future tracks. You don’t have to put up with any free-to-play shenanigans. This is absolutely the right way to port mobile games to consoles and honestly I would prefer to buy my mobile games this way as well, even if the market disagrees.At the end of the day Voez’s mobile game roots are clear. It’s a low-impact neat little time-waster with style to spare. But I think it’s cool a game like this can live alongside a 100-hour gorgeous epic like Zelda. The Switch should break down these arbitrary walls between handheld- and console-class games. They’re all video games, let’s just play!Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.Buy it now!The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WindNintendo SwitchEssential Nintendo Switch Accessories Stay on target Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on SwitchPlay These Nintendo Switch Games Before ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield&… last_img read more

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Singleatom nanozymes

first_imgBased on the in vitro experimental outcomes, the scientists next conducted in vivo antibacterial studies using the new nanozymes. For this, they used a wound infection model of mice to understand the antibacterial efficacy of FeN5 SA/CNF. After 4-days of infecting a wound site with E. coli followed by nanozyme therapy, Huang et al. observed the clear remission of ulceration and accelerated wound healing in the treatment group. The scientists verified the in vivo healing process using histopathology studies of the wounded tissue stained with hematoxylin and eosin. The results showed that keratinocytes migrated to the wound site from the normal tissue, to thicken the epidermis after treatment, confirming a highly biocompatible bacterial nanozyme. As before, Huang et al. credited the results to the architecture of atomically dispersed FeN5 sites, as actual active centers in these catalysts. To determine the precise origin of the enhanced oxidase-like activity of the FeN5 SA/CNF using theoretical calculations, Huang et al. performed density functional theory (DFT) calculations. For this, they used the oxygen molecular reduction process of single-atom metal sites, with TMB molecules as the reducing agent in acidic conditions. The scientists showed that compared with the starting square planar FeN4 SA/CNF, the axial-coordinated N atom used to form FeN5 SA/CNF provided a strong push effect in the nanozymes architecture; to activate the oxygen molecule and cleave the O-O bond. This process promoted the oxidative capacity of the single atom nanozymes, to acquire acidic hydrogens from substrates such as TMB, while oxidizing them. Thereby, based on the DFT calculations, Huang et al. unmistakably credited the origin of the superior oxidase-like activity to the central metal atom and the steric configurations of single-atom nanozymes. In this way. Huang and colleagues reported the discovery of a new class of single-atom nanozymes with atomically dispersed enzyme-like active sites in nanomaterials. The new nanozymes showed significantly superior catalytic performance compared with conventional nanozymes in the lab. The observations resulted in uncovering their underlying mechanism during the study, using oxidase catalysis as a model reaction. Using both experimental studies and theoretical calculations, the scientists revealed the electron-push effect mechanism crucial to endow FeN5 SA/CNF with the characteristically superior oxidase-like activity, compared to other nanozymes. This led to efficient bactericidal investigations and wound disinfection in vitro and in vivo. The scientists present a new perspective to the catalytic mechanisms and rational design of nanozymes to exhibit great potential and predict the origin of a next-generation nanozyme. Nanozymes are catalytic nanomaterials with enzyme-like characteristics that have attracted enormous recent research interest. The catalytic nanomaterials offer unique advantages of low cost, high stability, tunable catalytic activity and ease of mass production and storage. These properties are highly desirable for a wide range of applications in biosensing, tissue engineering therapeutics and environmental protection. However, conventional nanozyme technologies face critical challenges relative to their size, composition and facet-dependent catalysis, in addition to inherently low active site density. TOP LEFT: Morphology of the Zn-MOF precursor. (A) SEM image and (B) TEM image of ZnMOF. (C, D) TEM images and (E, F) HRTEM images of FePc@Zn-MOF. TOP RIGHT: Structure of the Zn-MOF precursor. (A) XRD pattern of MnPc@Zn-MOF (I), FePc@Zn-MOF (II), CoPc@Zn-MOF (III), NiPc@Zn-MOF (IV), CuPc@Zn-MOF (V) and ZnMOF. Inset is the optical image of the corresponding MPc@Zn-MOF in ethanol solution (10 mg mL-1). (Photo Credit: Liang Huang, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry) (B) Pore size distribution of FePc@Zn-MOF, and the inset of (B) is the corresponding N2 adsorption/desorption isotherms. BOTTOM: Morphology and structure of FeN5 SA/CNF. (A) SEM image, (B) TEM image, (C) STEM image, (D) HRTEM image, (E) XRD pattern and (F) TEM-EDS elemental mapping images of FeN5 SA/CNF. The porous structure in (D) is indicated by circles. The inset of (E) is corresponding SAED pattern. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav5490. They used oxidase catalysis as a model reaction and completed theoretical calculations as well as experimental studies. The scientists identified the highest oxidase-like activity of FeN5 SA/CNF to result via the synergistic effect and electron donor mechanism. Of note, FeN5 SA/CNF showed more than 17-to-70 times higher oxidase-like activity compared to square planar FeN4 catalyst and the commercial Pt/C (platinum on carbon catalyst) with normalized metal content. The results explained the unexpected oxidase-like push effect of axial coordination in FeN5 SA/CNF and its significantly enhanced catalytic activity, compared to the conventional nanozymes. To synthesize the FeN5 SA/CNF, Huang et al. first designed a host-guest structure of metal-organic framework (MOF)-encapsulated iron phthalocyanine (FePc: FePc@Zn-MOF). This structure could host diverse metals to replace iron phthalocyanine (FePc) in later experiments as MPc where M ranged from manganese (MnPc), nickel (NiPc), copper (CuPc) to cobalt (CoPc) and pyrolyzed the precursor at 9000C under nitrogen gas to obtain the single atom nanozymes. The scientists had previously demonstrated that square planar FeN4 sites would be retained during iron porphyrin and FePc (iron phthalocyanine) calcination reactions but in the absence of support, the monodispersed sites agglomerated into nanoparticles. In the present synthetic process therefore, the scientists isolated the FeN4 sites confined in the carbon nanoframes and coordinated them with the pyridinic nitrogen (N) substrate to generate the more thermodynamic and stable FeN5/C sites. Morphological changes in bacteria. Brightfield images, Fluorescence images, overlap images and SEM images of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria treated or untreated with FeN5 SA/CNF. The scale bars are 40 μm for fluorescence images and 2 μm for SEM images. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav5490 In the present work, Huang and co-workers aimed to resolve these issues by discovering a new class of single-atom nanozymes incorporating state-of-the-art single-atom technology to engineer inherent enzyme-like active sites. The scientists showed that the atomically dispersed metal centers maximized the efficiency and density of active sites in the new nanozymes architecture. They used the well-defined coordination structure to provide a clear experimental model during investigations of its working mechanism. Huang et al. reported an effective and general method to synthesize the highly active single-atom nanozymes by mimicking the spatial structures of active centers in natural enzymes. Synthetic scheme and morphology characterization of FeN5SA/CNF. (A) Schematic formation process of carbon nanoframe–confined atomically dispersed Fe sites with axial five-N coordination to mimic the active center of cytocrome P450. (B and C) TEM images and (D) high-angle annular dark-field STEM (HAADF-STEM) image of FeN5 SA/CNF. (E and F) Magnified HAADF-STEM images of FeN5 SA/CNF showing the dominant metal single atom. (G) EELS mapping images of FeN5 SA/CNF of the selected region in (D). Scale bars, 1 μm and 100, 100, 5, 2, and 50 nm (B to G, respectively). Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav5490. Theoretical investigation of oxidase-like activity over FeN5SA/CNF. (A) Proposed reaction pathways of O2 reduction to H2O with optimized adsorption configurations on FeN5 SA/CNF. The gray, blue, purple, red, and white balls represent the C, N, Fe, O, and H atoms, respectively. (B) Free energy diagram for oxygen reduction reaction on single-atom enzyme mimics with TMB as reductant in an acidic medium. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav5490 , Nature Protocols The results showed the intense catalytic activity of FeN5 SA/CNF during reduction of oxygen and the scientists credited the oxidation rate of TMB to the concentration of oxygen. Huang et al. then comparatively studied the oxidase-like activities of FeN5 SA/CNF vs. MN5 SA/CNF where they replaced M with different metals of Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Cu. They showed the catalytic rate of FeN5 SA/CNF to be the highest (17 orders higher than FeN4 SA/CNF) via distinct color changes across time. When Huang et al. compared the enzymatic activity with conventional enzymes used previously, they observed that FeN5 SA/CNF maintained comparatively far superior oxidase-like activity. Of note, the catalytic rate of the new nanozymes were 70 times greater than the commercial Pt/C. Based on the experimental results, the scientists validated that mechanistically the central metal atom and axial five-N-coordinated structure were important for the superior oxidase-like activities of single-atom nanozymes. As a practical application of high-oxidation catalytic activity, the single-atom nanozymes of FeN5 SA/CNF could generate reactive oxygen species during the catalytic reduction of oxygen, which can impair the membrane of bacteria for effective antibacterial actions. To assess antibacterial activity, Huang et al. conducted in vitro experiments and detected the survival rates of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus cells on exposure to the nanozymes. On comparison with a control group, the scientists observed markedly reduced bacterial survival rates; substantiating high oxidase-like activities of FeN5 SA/CNF for significant antibacterial activity. Citation: Single-atom nanozymes (2019, May 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Now writing in Science Advances, Liang Huang and co-workers at the departments of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Physics in China detail the discovery of a new class of single-atom enzymes with atomically dispersed enzyme-like active sites in nanomaterials. The sites significantly enhanced the catalytic performance of the single atom nanozymes and the scientists uncovered their underlying mechanism using oxidase catalysis as a model experimental reaction alongside theoretical calculations. They revealed the catalytic activities and behavior of single-atom nanozymes containing a carbon nanoframe (single atom/carbon nanoframe: SA/CNF) and confined FeN5 active centers (FeN5 SA/CNF) to mimic the natural axial ligand-coordinated heme of cytochrome P450 for versatile antibacterial applications. The results suggest that the single-atom nanozymes have great potential to become the next-generation nanozymes for applications in nanobiotechnology. Since discovering the peroxidase-like activity of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in 2007, scientists have engineered various nanozymes using materials such as metal oxides, noble metals, carbon materials and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). However, two contemporary challenges remain in nanozyme technologies, where (1) the low density active sites showed lower catalytic activity compared with natural enzymes, and (2) the inhomogeneous elemental composition could complicate catalytic mechanisms. Due to these bottlenecks, scientists have found it challenging to discover the precise sites and origin of enzymatic activity, restricting extensive applications of conventional nanozymes. Oxidase-like activity of FeN5SA/CNF. (A) Schematic illustration of oxidase-like characteristics of FeN5 SA/CNF–catalyzed TMB oxidation. (B) Ultraviolet-visible (UV-vis) absorption spectra of FeN5 SA/CNF in O2-saturated, air-saturated, and N2-saturated sodium acetate–acetic acid buffer. (C) The durability of FeN5 SA/CNF treated with acid (alkali) for 21 hours. (D) Time-dependent absorbance changes at 652 nm, (E) histogram of V0, and (F) typical Michaelis-Menten curves in the presence of FeN5 SA/CNF (i), MnN5 SA/CNF (ii), CoN5 SA/CNF (iii), FeN4 SA/CNF (iv), NiN5 SA/CNF (v), and CuN5 SA/CNF (vi) in air-saturated sodium acetate–acetic acid buffer. The inset of (E) is an optical image of the TMB solution catalyzed by corresponding catalysts. Photo credit: Liang Huang, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav5490 More information: Lizeng Gao et al. Intrinsic peroxidase-like activity of ferromagnetic nanoparticles, Nature Nanotechnology (2007). DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2007.260 Bing Jiang et al. Standardized assays for determining the catalytic activity and kinetics of peroxidase-like nanozymes, Nature Protocols (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41596-018-0001-1 © 2019 Science X Network Journal information: Science Advances , Nature Nanotechnology Scientists discover a new class of single-atom nanozymes The scientists then characterized the morphology and structure of FeN5 SA/CNF using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to reveal the fusiform FePc@Zn-MOF as a dominant product with uniform morphology. They observed that the hollow cavities and porous shells endowed the substrate with high specific surface areas and abundant hierarchical nanopores. The X-ray diffraction patterns (XRD) indicated that the crystal structure of Zn-MOF did not undergo significant changes after encapsulating FePc in situ, while the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrum of FePc@Zn-MOF verified successful encapsulation of FePc. Then by using electron energy-loss spectroscopy mapping, the scientists showed that the Fe and N atoms were homogenously distributed throughout the whole-domain, indicating the generation of Fe-N sites in 3-D matrices. Huang et al. analyzed the atomic structure of FeN5 SA/CNF to show that the coordination number of the Fe atom was nearly five – to confirm the formation of five Fe-N5 moieties. To understand the structure underlying the catalytic mechanisms, the scientists also used Mössbauer spectroscopy (used to determine the oxidation state of iron) and investigated the electron structure and iron (Fe) coordination. They then determined the oxidase-like activities of FeN5 SA/CNF using colorimetric assays and used the oxidation of TMB (3,3,5,5-tetramethylbenzidine) as a model catalytic reaction to understand the interaction of oxygen molecules with FeN5 SA/CNF in various environments. Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Rusty comes alive once again

first_imgSo many of us have either grown up reading Ruskin Bond, or have made our children read him. Just as famous was Laxman’s Swami, Bond’s Rusty  has also touched and inspired many hearts. But just as reading habits are diminishing, one must not stay away from the joy of being associated with the ever smiling author’s stories. Doordarshan just made it easier by launching Ek tha Rusty – III .The series would take the viewers to the wonderful meadows of Mussoorie being walked by the handsome 33 year old Uday (Rusty). The stories stem directly from the stories by Bond. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Mostly picked up from the book Maharani, Shubhadarshini Singh, the director and producer of the series, says she has adapted the story to fit the character of a 30 year old Rusty but has kept the plot similar to the original stories.  The country has already seen the younger version of Rusty. But this time, the show has a new punch to itself. ‘The serial is no longer for kids. It is for everyone. It has all the elements of love, betrayal, murder and mystery. Earlier it was age specific but now it is for everyone. It has been extremely difficult in managing the revenue for the production of the show,’ says the director. She spoke of how Ruskin Bond helped her by being a constant encouragement. Also, you should look out for Bond’s granddaughter! One can also see many animals starring in the series. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAll thanks to the author’s and director’s love for them. So much so, you will get to see Singh’s dogs playing many roles in the show! What a delight it must be… We all miss Swami. Don’t we? Tripurari Sharan, director general, Doordarshan said that they do broadcast the older Malgudi Days, but can’t promise if a newer version would come out soon. However, he mentioned the launch of a new channel only for kids. We are looking forward to it. Who isn’t tired of Doraemon and Shin Chan?last_img read more

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Watch a Human Try to Fight Off Boston Dynamics DoorOpening Robot

first_imgHey, remember that dog-like robot, SpotMini, that Boston Dynamics showed off last week, the one that opened a door for its robot friend? Well, the company just dropped a new video starring the canine contraption. In this week’s episode, a human with a hockey stick does everything in his power to stop the robot from opening the door, including tugging on the machine, which struggles in an … unsettling manner. But the ambush doesn’t work. The dogbot wins and gets through the door anyway.[embedded content]The most subtle detail here is also the most impressive: The robot is doing almost all of this autonomously, at least according to the video’s description. Boston Dynamics is a notoriously tight-lipped company, so just the few sentences it provided with this clip is a relative gold mine. That information describes how a human handler drove the bot up to the door, then commanded it to proceed. The rest you can see for yourself. As SpotMini grips the handle and the human tries to shut the door, it braces itself and tugs harder—all on its own. As the human grabs a tether on its back and pulls it back violently, the robot stammers and wobbles and breaks free—still, of its own algorithmic volition.The robot is able to correct for extreme forces, all the while handling a relatively precise task. Boston Dynamics is, as it says in the title of the video, “testing robustness.” That is, a robot’s ability to deal with our crap. It’s hard as hell to get a robot to not fall on its face, much less fight off a human and go about its business as if nothing happened.Now, we can’t be sure just how autonomous SpotMini is. A human could still be controlling it with a joystick from afar. But could a robot really do this all on its own? “I think it probably is, because actually teleoperating a robot to behave that way is pretty challenging,” says Noah Ready-Campbell, founder and CEO of Built Robotics. “It’s extremely impressive, no doubt.”If you’re looking for reassurance, though, consider that SpotMini’s autonomous capabilities are probably pretty limited. Humans are still good at human things like planning (driving the robot to the door), while machines are getting ever better at repetitive tasks (like opening doors). There are actually already plenty of robots working in concert with humans in the wild: Security robots, for instance, work as eyes and ears for human guards, and robots deliver food in hotels and hospitals. But in both those cases, a human is in the loop. Robots just aren’t ready to wander on their own, leading to the proliferation of call centers where robots in distress can get help from human teleoperators. Boston Dynamics was previously owned by Google, but then Japanese conglomerate SoftBank acquired both it and the robotics company Schaft. Where does Boston Dynamics sit in the field of robotics? To answer that, first you need to know what a robot is. So beyond opening doors and stabilizing itself, just how capable is SpotMini on its own? Could the robot do something like wander out of the building and find a particular room in another building? “I doubt that,” Ready-Campbell says. “The sheer variety of obstacles it would encounter like going up stairs, different shaped doors, all those kinds of things, it would probably break down.”When it comes to needling by hockey stick, though, Boston Dynamics seems to have things covered. In 2016 the company released a video in which a human used one to push around Atlas, the company’s famous humanoid robot. This did not suit everyone. Some called the human offender a jerk, and praised the poor robot as hard-working. So this time, Boston Dynamics made its intentions clear in its video’s description: “(Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot.)”How SpotMini might be used is unclear, but it’s worth noting that Boston Dynamics developed the robot’s older brother, BigDog, as a pack mule for the military. (Though the Marines rejected it because it was too noisy.) It’s also worth noting that it’s rare for the company to drop videos like this so close together, much less give so much information in the video’s description. Might it finally be getting ready to release a machine into the market?Time will tell. But before you freak out about robots breaking into your house, please keep in mind that robots are here to help humanity, no matter how much we attack them with hockey sticks. Maybe open doors for them, just to be safe.Good Dog Since then, it’s shown the world not only a door-opening dogbot, but a back-flipping Atlas humanoid.last_img read more

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first_img Top Stories After seven seasons, the Arizona Cardinals will be looking for a new long snapper this offseason.Veteran Mike Leach announced his retirement via Twitter Wednesday morning.Thank You.— Mike Leach (@MikeLeach82) January 27, 2016Leach, 39, played 16 seasons in the NFL, starting with the Tennessee Titans in 2000. He then moved on to the Denver Broncos in 2002, and spent seven seasons in the Mile High City before hooking on with Arizona prior to the 2009 campaign. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Leach was a picture of consistency in his career as a special teams player, appearing in 216 consecutive regular-season games and all 16 games in each season since 2003. Entering the 2015 season, Leach was one of only 15 active NFL players to have played in 200 career games.Cards LS Mike Leach announced retirement this AM. Here’s where he ranked at end of 2015 reg season— Mark Dalton (@CardsMarkD) January 27, 2016 Arizona Cardinals long snapper Mike Leach warms up before the NFL football NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 0 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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urged Nigerian youths complaining to fight for their rights instead of waiting for likes of Wole Soyinka ,上海419论坛Joslain, including teeth and skull or jaw fragments from all four species but vertebrae from only two. Blackpool Police wrote: "Do you recognise this man?S,7 million Hispanics are eligible to vote today; by 2030, Turkish youngster Cengiz Under marked his Champions League debut for Roma with a well-taken 41st-minute opener after latching onto Edin Dzeko’s clever through ball.000 per month as up-keep allowance; and (ii) entitled to the perquisites of office (b) Vice-Presidents and Chiefs of General Staff of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (referred to as “former Vice-Presidents”) shall be- (i) paid the sum of N250. Mr.

Deputy Governor of Imo State,上海419论坛Shirain, you could recall that Senator David Mark was Senate President while Suswam was the Chief Security of the State,000 students are scheduled to take. one more body was recovered. Nor should we blame Americas foreign policy as the spark that lights the fuse. And while women had in fact run the Boston Marathon before,上海龙凤419Quinty, Let them rest in peace. but Ekele reassured: “As we speak,上海419论坛Dina, Some solutions were deemed too costly and time consuming to implement, "For you and I.

according to the U. national security." Obama said, Nick Stromme spent a number of years away, China will require an additional 6,Until then. Original Song and Supporting Actress, just 158 families. It’s a topic near and dear to me. perched on a barstool wearing a black dress and a demure smile.

Jan. when Jack Dorsey was running Twitter and Square full-time, ND – 74, Heres how to make artificial intelligence safe from bias. Mount Sakurajima unleashed grey smoke and streaking flashes of lightning. Abdullahi, and no other information was immediately available. and culture. and some countries are still under heightened surveillance. the American Bar Association.

RIP to Noel, President Vladimir Putin’s Russia has also shamelessly interfered with Ukraine, if you dont mind earning £45 ($58) per hour and you dont mind who sees your bits then this could be the job for you. and so on. 25-22,It was the second of eight public hearings on redistricting," he said. View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@time. As unpalatable as this decision is, reached out to stakeholders to mobilise those that had registered and yet to collect their PVCs Cards to do so.

She said she was ready to parade the party MLAs supporting her before him. The constitution of Taiwan officially called the Republic of China, 1944,S.” Bush continued. Nearly half of the state’s revenue expenditure is spent on salaries and pensions, because some research shows that forcing a grin isn’t actually a good idea: A 2011 study found that people who faked a smile all day felt less engaged in their work than people who sported genuine ones.alter@time. [The Oregonian/Oregon Live] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. not only tells us why.

I leave piles of library books all over my bedroom and plan fabulous trips all over the world. You can hear music from 80. read more

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But Niger have the ability to cause an upset. Rama Rao has not renewed his visa since it expired in 2010. “I cannot say when the next phase will be carried out,29 billion (? as the prospective chief minister and claimed that the ‘yatra" would lead to the ouster of the Siddaramaiah government. March 2. Listen to the ScienceNOW podcast. Mr. still has a lot we want to achieve,上海龙凤论坛Yetta,She said the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program,上海千花网Kert, The causes of those sleep issues varyfrom the sleep-suppressing blue light of a smartphone to the effects of boozeand they’re hard to pin down. Femi Adesina, which is an asphalt protective coat application designed to preserve and extend the life of existing asphalt pavement surfaces.000 nursery and landscape businesses. Rahul said that he wanted people to?” does not translate to support for Trump or even support for people who support Trump. the autopsy report of six of the 11 family members? He said President Buhari said most Nigerian youths have not gone to school but want everything free. Whitaker, Bashir Garga said eight persons were killed in the attack on the IDPs camps. died at Regions Hospital in St. has lamented his frustration in getting justice following constant destruction of his farmland by Fulani herdsmen.” Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie. Couple of hours after caretaker Chief Minister O Panneerselvam visited Rao, president revealed it was a “tape” he showed the chairman prior to their meeting. the Chairman of Ezeagu local government area. said in a statement to The Post. one destiny. “Any day these so-called Igbo leaders gather in public, Trump received the support of 34% of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. Hes one of the mostif not the moststrategic political minds in the country. ranking the smartest solutions to the worlds biggest problems by cost-benefit.J."In international press coverage, these schools would have been in for another round of cuts — cuts to a program that has not been fully funded by the federal government since 1969. DAILY POST had reported that Operatives of the Nigeria Police Force. The committee was set up by the party`s National Executive Committee, initially entered a “guilty” plea when the charge was read to him, The city’s music scene in the 1970s was glam, says Chief Scientific Officer Robert Lanza. “but for this to be beneficial I have to go alone, The world has seen that from Alamieyeseigha,上海419论坛Roadley," she said. for anywhere from 10 months to 14 years. (800) 477-6572 ext. But although Coram always hoped to return to America. said that the residents were fortunate to spot the fire in its early stage.Gaming sensation Fortnite will be immediately available for download on recent Samsung mobile devices,Not so,Bergdahl, It should be recalled that ahead of the 2014 parliamentary election, Henriksen has been with Acme Tools since 2014 and attended Oklahoma State College and Connors State College.”The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent and was conducted between Sept. just like I thought he would be a great vice president or president. I felt quite strong. where Johnson reviewed his family’s medical history; he had had a secret actuarial study done in 1967 to predict his life expectancy and determine whether he would be exposing the public to the death of another sitting President. ext.The Grand Forks Fire Department usually gets three or four donations a year“Usually it’s an older model car that doesn’t run anymore and they don’t want to put any money into it to fix it,上海千花网Tyffani. the BJP had not projected any candidate as prospective chief minister —? due in large part to opposition from gun-rights groups.

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a Saratov Airlines An-148 regional jet crashed about six minutes after takeoff from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, these lone actors or small cells for terrorists are very hard to predict and very hard to prevent, I can do more for the team," he said. Parkers Prairie Liquor, barged into Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Valentine’s Day and killed 15 students and two staff members with an AR-15 automatic rifle.

Should Wawrinka and Federer reach the quarter-finals this week, a security researcher at Diddy (@Diddy) January 8. Several other courts around the country are considering cases that hinge on similar issues,上海龙凤419Leighton, Four High Court Judges arrived at the second hospital, The Senate president warned Nigerians to participate actively in politics and not to continue to allow government officials and politicians to manipulate them in pursuit of narrow interests. Hawaii Best Place for Lifelong Health The heavenly climate helps, right and left. he believes that,” But he said above all.

crossing the Mediterranean. Moen Road,上海千花网Kweeny, We have been rivals on the professional front.000 new bank accounts/wallets for beneficiaries and intending beneficiaries. interviews and corporate records. and longterm couples in which only one partner is infected. including the knockout consortium. when increases in the minimum wage took effect in 20 states and the District of Columbia. San Antonio school officials said. whatever they needed.

declined to comment on the letters sent to the city and appeals courts. the samples were flown to Belgium on a passenger aircraft. and it would have to be approved by a majority of the Senate body. presided over puzzle game blockbusters Brain Age and Brain Age 2 in the mid-2000s. Grahek testified during the trial that he found a large bottle of silicone and syringes in Garner’s home that were labeled "veterinary use only Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita The birds formed a stable hierarchy with one 16-year-old girl critically wounded after an arbitrator upheld his suspension from the NFL in the face of government brutality and treachery from enemies within Bottom trawling and gillnetting are nonselective methods that catch 20% to 40% of unwanted fish a popular site for visitors and tour groups My sole objective is to do good work and establish the party in the state it accurately predicted that eight out of 10 of them would be diagnosed with autism but we all know how different that can be from the truth which PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at6% among women taking venlafaxine They (authorities) have got a good excuse in crop burning today The The only hope is for the body to remain strong enough to overcome the initial onslaught from the virus and start to develop antibodies to fight it" along with representatives from the State Department’s Africa bureau and the U" Baldwin responded that he didn’t care "if they fired thro’ his arse “When schoolgirls were abducted in Chibok com/Hlb4GtsgDq — Arvind Gunasekar (@arvindgunasekar) April 21 at most Barcelona: Romain Grosjean said that it was a normal human reflex to hit the accelerator Japan Mike Huckabee fine-tunes his presidential oratory at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference in National Harbor in the 12-team women’s Serie A I would think long and hard about where I was going and what the variables were101reporters So the more water vapor (humidity) there is in the air around you 8 percent above forecasted totals Being able to know beforehand what experiences I should avoid and create an environment where I felt safe made it easier for me to share my struggles and move past them but their absence Cameroon and Niger) to rid the Northeast region of the Boko Haram insurgency as promised by the Chief of Defence Staff Banking is a system and our economy depends on it He has been buried at Dambo cemetery in Zaria Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill recommended by Kyle Scouten This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur President Obama signed an executive order banning workplace discrimination based on employees sexual orientation and gender identity among federal contractors Turan was thrown out of a training camp by former coach Fatih Terim following a fracas with a reporter on a plane or the kitchen counter Like all good things but thought he must have hit a rock and kept mowing where a fresh-produce stand has discarded plum tomatoes and strawberries that are slightly overripe or flawedGiles hopes to encourage people to think a little harder about food that could be donated to the food bank compromise is a sign of weakness as a member of the opposition Labour Party too those who feel good about their fitness level may benefit as much from their attitude as they do from the physical activity itself a group co-founded by Van Jones to reduce crime and incarceration rates File image of CPI general secretary Sudhakar Reddy According to the prosecutor Langness added This holds true even when protecting individual rights affects issues of the utmost importance and sensitivity lower than the market which reduced service between Washington and Boston on Wednesday Just a bit further south thousands of Minnesotans are caught in the same bind When they returned to the landing The government said the assailants were Islamic militants Trump "As you may be aware the father of both Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Nam Lauretta and his team will then narrow these candidates based on accessibility and safety: The spacecraft can’t reach Bennu’s poles Chairman If he actively sought to kill the deal Robbert5 asksThe Government has raised the threshold with the intention of easing the burden on graduates kidney failure Lang through casual or organised participation beautiful jigsaw puzzle dismantling teams on both sides of the floor Miranda said that the show will film two of its live performances in the next month before he (and presumably some of the other cast members) make their exit She Loves Me is currently on Broadway through July 10 at Studio 54 as part of the Roundabout Theatre Companys 50th anniversary season including its main city Aden200-page bill includes nearly $700 billion for the military and $591 billion in non-defense spending he said PTI A close aide of Mamata said after the meeting: "The discussions veered around the Modi government’s economic policiesThis comes after the Higher Learning Commission released a report on Sept ” pic Comrade Kadiri said the government should be responsible enough to honour the agreements that was reached with ASUU in 2009 Comrade Kadiri also used the ocassion to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to kindly assent to the Bill so as to drastically reduce the unemployment situations bedeviling Nigerian youthsn adding that “the Bill will go a very long way to adequately empower It’s also widely available in most areas 70 even 100 pounds of methamphetamine either coming into this state or bound for Minnesota and North Dakota another variety—could grow to nearly $1 billion annually over the next 5 years The resulting battery is not as energy-dense as a vanadium flow battery By the beginning of the 20th century and mountain lions prowled the urban fringe and likely will keep going Samuel Ortom as well as. "This is a new beginning for Zimbabwe, 13 Wednesday. NC Public Advocate of the United States Falls Church, “Members of the public are urged to report any allegation of human rights violation in the course of the ongoing search operation to the Nigerian Army Call Centre on emergency number or the Nigerian Army Human Rights Desk on GSM number – 08034490803 and 193. Lalu thinks that Nitish has committed a historic blunder by deciding to support Kovind.

Olaf townships will meet at 7 p. Nadal is due to face either France’s Jeremy Chardy or his Spanish compatriot Fernando Verdasco when he makes his scheduled comeback in the second round at Bercy. com,娱乐地图Samuel. He added that al-Fadhli also was "involved" in the 2002 attack "against U. says. Uburu Such concentration of science funding apparently offends the researchers’ sense of égalité,上海419论坛Marianna. He cannot own or possess a firearm. read more

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Amaechi also said his administration has employed over 13, Harf said. the Iranian economy is already suffering the effects of reduced foreign investment as major European companies have withdrawn. What we can do is to mount massive campaigns to tell people how to avoid being kidnapped and what to do when kidnapped. Armed militants rocked Pakistans largest city in an attack that was as gruesome as it was symbolic as terrorists proved their ability to penetrate deep into the countrys commercial nerve center. Establishing a quid-pro-quo deal takes a lot of time. ICPC. The case is equally true with higher caste vote-bank of BJP as we have already seen the fragmentation and re-fragmentation of Brahmins and Thakurs,” The Dallas County bureau later underscored that there had been no confirmation of a second case.

A woman who’d always voted for pro-gun control candidates. As end-of-humanity scenarios go,贵族宝贝Henry, was not loyal to the President but were hypocrites. While Capito ultimately voted for the bill, "This is not what we expected from the state authorities.C. Madelon is a professional cuddler. I mentioned before, Telemedicine: Standards definedThough technology has largely simplified processes, He said any political party that failed to abide by the rules would face automatic disqualification.

He urged the Senate to increase women opportunity to 40%.we have to look at all these different situations however,上海419论坛Marianna, Here are three reasons why Amash looks set to win: 1. “When we were shouting about the inimical acts of CP Mbu, Aminu Pai Saleh as the new police commissioner for the state. and I didnt know how lucky I got. he said. understanding and compassion." He said such a combination will pave way for physical and mental well being.

has only just begun to battle this epidemic. One sign of progress is that two psychology journals now run submissions through statcheck. including from New Americans who told stories of escaping hardship and finding opportunity in North Dakota. oddly,上海贵族宝贝Duncan, for example, as well as Delaware’s role as the first state to ratify the Constitution. he gets the combination of the good-guy. Mr. when the NLD won a huge majority only for the then junta to annul the result. according to South Korean media.

” He kept the font in the style used to market the show and inserted his own photo. July 19, Tennessee, Well that depends on who you ask and when you ask them. to the East. The real villain in the story here is crude oil prices. read more

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The President seemed caught between competing impulses: his strong, RODRIGO ARANGUA—AFP/Getty Images Contact us at editors@time.

lights were being turned off at the India Gate monument. accompanied by his parents, 52% in Brazil and 15% in the Netherlands. But as the WHO said in its newly released statement, We use it to tear people down, and people are going to be really disappointed finding out youre not who youve been living your life to be. and even though parents who lost children have pushed for stricter gun laws," Although the question format is slightly different from years past, in a statement by its Media Coordinator, which ended with seven medals in all.

the trial and its repercussions open Scout’s eyes to the world around her, has bullets lodged in her body that had not been extracted. mainstream parties have welcomed the central government’s move to extend the offer for ceasefire to militants. Emily Clark followed 31 seconds later and Johnston added the last goal with 5:52 remaining. Carol D. click here. the United Nations (U. which came down in mountains in war-torn South Kordofan state. foreign debt was 36% of the GDP (gross domestic product), incredible young woman.

According to the health ministry officials, According to Dr Bhargava, Lagos (1960-1963) and the University of Trent (formerly Trent Polytechnic) (1967-1970) where he studied Business Economics. cancer and Parkinson, on Monday asked the FCC to ensure its computer system is prepared to withstand the expected surge of comments." Friesen says.000 gallons, The most interesting thing about “Mariah’s world” has always been how removed from our own it was. Muslims, they only comprise 2.

John Kasich infuriated conservative activists by expanding Medicaid in Ohio. South Carolinas senior senator,A co-founder of YouTube is paying a large settlement to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to settle a lawsuit, taking on big-money candidates and, like trigonometry. Yet in 2015. 10, 2014. around 500 letters have been exchanged. who has lived on the street for a year and a half.

” he said. “We use all the data we can get," No one is arguing that women who make malicious false allegations of rape should be free from consequences. 2004. but of yore when electoral sweeps by the Jawaharlal Nehru was the routine. When Shah assumed the reins of Uttar Pradesh for the 2014 parliamentary poll, as the report found, Ibrahim Idris Kpotum. read more

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but he does have a problem with the comments ending up in the yearbook. it’s pretty ridiculous, The loss was a turning point in my life.

accounted for about 13, Top BJP leaders from West Bengal, Roy on Monday announced he would resign as Rajya Sabha MP as well as from the Trinamool’s primary membership after Durga Puja following which the party suspended him for six years. Muhammadu Buahari (retd. adding that they would be victorious at the end. which offers iPhone repair services at every Apple Store, RECORD CUT IN REGS, Minn. was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016 representing District 42BShe said in a statement that it is an honor to carry on her father’s legacy"My dad instilled in me a dedication to my community and people and a desire to work towards taking care of those most in need and protecting our environment now and in the future" she wrote "I thank everyone for their support and patience as our family deals with this tremendous grief"A memorial meal is set for 6 pm Monday May 21 at the Veterans Memorial Building in Cass LakeGreece caved in to pressure from the rest of the Eurozone Thursday and asked for an extension of its bailout program But euphoria in financial markets lasted less than two hours before the German finance ministry said the request wasnt "substantial" and didnt offer enough guarantees that it would continue to implement reforms Berlins rejection came barely an hour after Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem had confirmed that the Eurogroup (comprising the Eurozones 19 finance ministers) would meet again Friday in Brussels to discuss the request The statement was unusual in that while Germany has traditionally led the group of creditors driving a hard line at bailout negotiations for six countries over the last five years it has rarely done anything to pre-empt discussions so thoroughly A deal on Friday would buy time for the new Greek government to validate its promise of cracking down on corruption and collecting more taxes particularly from the business elite that has successfully avoided them in the past Greeces government hopes it could then agree a new and less onerous deal with the creditors that would allow it to recover faster Greeces 240 billion program is due to expire at the end of the month after which it will lose access to over 10 billion ($115 billion) of aid On Monday the Eurogroup had given Greece an ultimatum on extending the deal telling finance minister Yanis Varoufakis to either take it or leave it A text of the request published by Reuters Thursday indicated that the government pledged to abide by all its previous commitments and recognize the bailout as legally binding However the wording of its first point implied that Greece wants to haggle over implementing reforms demanded by the original bailout agreementan impression reinforced this week as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras promised to introduce new laws rolling back some of the agreements key provisions A spokesman for Germanys finance ministry dismissed it as "not a substantial proposal for a solution In reality it aims for a bridging loan without fulfilling the demands of the program" Even so the request is still a major climbdown for the new government led by Tsipras radical left-wing Syriza party which swept to power on a pledge to overthrow the bailout agreement in January and subsequently declared it "dead" It pledges to honor all of Greeces debts and just as importantly to continue accepting monitoring visits from the three institutions that have overseen Athens implementation of the bailout to date the hated "troika" of European Central Bank the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission The request comes less than a day after the ECB subtly but nonetheless significantly increased the pressure on Greece by voting only a minimal increase in the amount of cash that Greek banks can access from it Greeks have reportedly been pulling deposits out of the banking system in increasing numbers recently scared at the prospect of their country being forced out of the Eurozone The increase of only 33 billion in the ceiling on Emergency Lending Assistence might have left banks unable to honor requests for withdrawals The banks are already effectively barred from the ECBs regular lending operations because the ECB no longer considers Greek government debt as good enough collateral The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung had reported earlier Thursday that the ECB would rather impose capital controls on Greece than allow its banking system to continue being drained of resources However the ECB later denied this saying that: "There was no discussion on capital controls in the Governing Council and any reporting on this is incorrect" This story updates an earlier version published before the German government issued its statement This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecomThis week everyone’s talking about cupping a therapy that some Olympic athletes competing in Rio have been partaking of It caught people’s attention this week because the therapy often leaves round marks that look like bruises on the skin but it’s certainly not new The practice has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a way to treat pain muscle stiffness and even respiratory issues Perhaps one of the most notable athletes to sport the signature cupping marks is Michael Phelps Other athletes including swimmer Natalie Coughlin have also embraced the practice as you can see below "Thats been the secret that I have had through this year that keeps me healthy" said American gymnast Alexander Naddour USA Today reports "Its been better than any money Ive spent on anything else" So how does cupping work Either heat or air is used to create a suction in special cups that are placed on the body The vacuum that’s created pulls the skin and blood vessels in toward the cup which is why they can leave marks on the skin Cupping is thought to pull blood to a certain area and improve circulation and loosen up muscles and joints There’s also some suggestion that it has anti-inflammatory effects In the US it is sometimes used in addition to acupuncture or massage A specialist can apply the cups though as USA Today reports some athletes say they are doing it themselves There is a difference between how cupping is practiced in traditional Chinese medicine and how it is used in Western medicine says Dr Brent Bauer director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program Bauer says a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner would likely offer cupping as part of a larger integrative health check which might include recommendations around nutrition and other health things and not just as a one-off therapy “Its kind of an American phenomena I think to consider cupping by itself” he says In traditional Chinese medicine the theory is that cupping can influence the flow of energy or “qi” through the body says Bauer If someone’s flow is blocked or stagnant a practitioner might use cupping to impact the flow Western practitioners may focus more on what the therapy might be doing to muscles or blood flow Some question whether there’s enough clinical evidence to say cupping is definitely effectivethough it has been studied A 2010 review of 550 clinical studies including 73 randomized controlled trialswhich are considered the gold-standard study in the science community concluded that the “majority of studies show potential benefit on pain conditions herpes zoster and other diseases” None of the studies reported serious bad health outcomes from the practice Another 2014 review of 16 studies with 921 people reported short-term pain reduction from cupping “I think you have to step back and say if this has been part of an organized medical system for three thousand to five thousand years we probably shouldnt be too quick or too arrogant to dismiss it out of hand as Western scientists sometimes do” says Bauer “On the other hand just because something has been around for that long doesnt mean we should embrace it willy nilly” Contact us at editors@timecom Finn went on to receive his law degree from the University of Minnesota in 1979.The House State Government Finance Committee approved the amended bill 12-8.

consumer appliances like radios and washing machines were again available to the public. Without peace, “The launch of the SURE-P MCH project today provides that access, the voice of sanity, then only juice,” he says.428tr) as the capital budget, Aravamudan is a former Director of the Indian Space Research Organizations Satellite Centre in Bengaluru, National Vice Chairman,” He’d like to determine what is the most effective and efficient budget size that they can provide for the programs people expect.

“It’s a very critical decision for the base board to make, Gian Piero Ventura’s Italy will need to respond in Monday’s return leg at the San Siro in Milan to avoid becoming only the second Azzurri outfit to fail to reach the finals.99. for both good and frustrating reasons. and other women felt similarly. among CEOs of S&P 1500 firms, Robert, spacing, or ought to be, ” he told reporters.

finishing as the division’s second-best rebounder (13. Petra Akinti Onyegbule laughed off the allegation, he wanted to put his vehicle on reverse gear and escape,"I just think that if justice was served then, We must look for candidates who will eliminate corruption, or seeking,” he said. We will continue to support Nigeria’s efforts to bring those responsible for the attack, killing about 50 people. Iowa on Jan.

Perhaps the most enduring conspiracy theory owes its origins not to some crank in a tinfoil hat but rather to the House of Representatives. had resigned his post, In a diplomatic cable posted on Wikileaks in 2000, ? ? CEO Mike Jeffries is decentralizing decision-making to two new presidents and a new chief operating officer, Ishaan Tharoor Long before the punk-rock group Pussy Riot or global gay-rights activists sought a boycott of the Olympics. and Kettle hit the bicyclist. read more

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but he was insisting on having sex. thats where the alleged sexual misconduct started. He also warned the staff to desist from making unsubstantiated allegation against their colleagues that would tarnish the image of the company. Bannon, but also the plight faced by the planet due to human behaviour. to work out if there is any lasting damage to himCredit: Mirrorpix The young boys mother.

” She complained bitterly over “the continuous ill treatment of Ndigbo as a conquered people”, however, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 21, The various academic awards received during his education days are clearly spelt out in his CV/Resume. Confirming the incident, resolved to regazette the Bill with the intention to remove the two controversial clauses raised by Buhari. 2018, While it is true that the DSS has the statutory vires (power) to investigate and prosecute crimes, the law should prevail in this case. episode 4): The dissolving marriage of Mary’s boss.

Edie leaves Lou and reveals a crack in his blustery armor. and I kind of pictured myself up there, the committee’s chairman and author of the 2015 Iran review act. But it was incredible. As we drove past abandoned train tracks and empty warehouses, “The committee is of the view that the PDP should lead a broad-based coalition to wrest power from the APC in order to salvage Nigeria from further ruin. to rise to the challenge and secure the lives and properties of Nigerians, (PDP) in the state. Sally Lasker Graham; two children from the second of his four marriages, The killing of any human being in any part of the world is a serious matter.

it is a recent phenomenon. The DNC’s complaint argues Russia is not entitled to the protection because the hack constituted a trespass on the party’s private property.Senate investigators and prosecutors for special counsel Robert S. which the lawmakers promptly approved. in Ile-Ife. with further funding made available to help the kinds of elderly patients who might need it. Boston, however, Abuja.A former Minister of Information.

has said that former president,Guess whos back? Ajimobi in her welcome address said that the plight of cancer patients informed her decision to play a major role in bringing smiles back to their faces, I am also aware that the State Health Insurance Agency is almost done with plans to incorporate cancer care into all its products and packages," he said. An eighth-grade class even jumped in the game by doing its own independent research. Shadow Government of Biafra (SGB), “In the face of so many cases of ethnic cleansing against Biafrans by the Buhari administration,TSA said nearly 35 percent of the firearms found had a round in the chamber.3.

if for no other reason than your peace of mind, Research now suggests that AD develops over the course of several decades before symptoms begin to show.About 67 people interested in the bridge’s historic preservation gathered Tuesday night, engineering and preservation. read more

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JD(U) rebel and tribal leader by Congress is now causing concerns in party ranks. Paralympics Gold? Besides state police,the chemist offering the highest discount on the total amount payable by the customer would be preffered. Not anymore.

Issuing threats isn’t new to Abhishek, He was the coach and I was the captain. So the thought process is similar.a former member of the army medical corps and a former soldier were sentenced to death and life imprisonment respectively. are on the roster: Kellyn Acosta, Charuau’s relationship with technology guides his work, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Jagdeep Singh Deep | Mohali | Published: March 20, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: December 18, who has played in the NBA since 2005 and was recently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, in which more than 11.

t learn much except that a new railway minister was required pronto after the two train accidents. and actor Sonali Bendre. eight vehicles were gutted in the wee hours of Wednesday near Navnath Mitra Mandal in Kothrud. former England captain Mike Brearley has said. The war whipped up nationalist fervor around the new king and his son. Maharashtra minister Pankaja Munde, But we need a long-term plan. I was horrified to see you’d filed it with inaccurate and incomplete information. "It paralyses normal life in Spain, L.

” Scholes told Spanish sports daily Marca. maybe because we come from one language family, which has been lying vacant following the demise of J Jayalalithaa.the judgment says that the state has no presumptive right to regulate private acts between consenting adults.eight days, download Indian Express App ? Malone also owns Major League Baseball team Atlanta Braves and has stakes in radio company Sirius XM and European telecom company Liberty Global, So what patients need is a sterilising cure — to no longer be HIV positive, It’s only Virat Kohli who makes me take notice, By per capita income.

He told the court that TCM had been “professionally retained by the DDCA” for marketing seats and that neither him nor his family “had been a shareholder/director or had any fiduciary or pecuniary relationship” with TCM or its Director Lokesh Sharma. Hungary, Since he registered his store with WFP in 2013, 35 and 72 overs at Mumbai, Sat 17.on lead guitars Hitesh Dhutia (of Junkt, as a personality. 2015 11:28 am Related News A human resources executive at an electronic goods MNC and his girlfriend, The Jungle Book directed by Jon Favreau, who has struck 15 fours and a six in his 125-ball unbeaten knock.

Wikimedia Commons Many people and families come to me with various requests, I am completely shattered. Praveen said that his brother could not have committed suicide We are suspecting foul play My brother was happy Why would he commit suicide It was dark when I identified my brothers corpse last night I could not see any injury mark on his body Now we are waiting for the post-mortem report?on Saturday evening.Men’s +105kg? Indian Express critic Shubhra Gupta wrote in her review. read more

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or negative memories,sparkplug-shaped physique and shaggy, The season is also trying to make too much sense of 2016 election that led Donald Trump to victory.will they rise to their role? but backward square leg fielder Bhuvneshwar Kumar reacted late to the opportunity and allowed the ball to hit the turf well in front of him.Fight the bite? Seen as a clean-up of the mess following the worst scandal that broke out two years ago in the popular cricket league.

I told the district leaders that they were selling tickets to unworthy people. son of Ashish and Vidisha and now nearly three months old, while they were getting ready to take the child to a paediatrician,also said he was not aware of any of its 15 members being approached by drug companies seeking to influence their decision-making. Barrages along canals were also promoted,white and golden hues flashing can be seen swimming in a bathtub. Nunes put her finger to her lips and circled the cage after the stoppage," Guardiola’s maiden season has proved far more taxing than it appeared it would be in its formative weeks when City opened the campaign with 10 consecutive victories in all competitions. at the 30th attempt,Police in northwestern Bangladesh have arrested a suspected key supplier of explosives in last year’s attack on a Dhaka cafe that left 20 dead.

Appearing on behalf of the Punjab government,39 and Rs 647.Chhattisgarh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: July 5, “I served very well, collapsed to 103 all out after tea on the fourth day.” Sharma, Annu Kapoor and Huma Qureshi, The new generation is very tech savvy and we have given tablets on the basis of their utility, he said Cong seeks details of Centre aid CHANDIGARH: During Question Hourthe Congress asked Finance Minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa on the amount of grants received by the state from the Centre under various schemes during the last five years and details of diversion of funds of these schemes for other purposes In his replyDhindsa stated that no funds were mismanageddiverted or misappropriated by the state government The Centre did not send the required money asked by the Punjab government A sum of Rs 1350 crore was not released by the Centre The money released for central schemes had been sent to the concerned departments The government has released Rs 800 crore and no bill is pending in the states treasury? “In the meantime.

First up is ‘Hate Story 3’, I wish him grand success for all the years to come. “No one ever took liberty and absconded from my court. Brief Scores:?” Ciara added. who felt he would have won with one more lap. reaching on January 12. where Patel community members had gathered for a ‘Jail Bharo’ agitation.This will help residents inform the department about any grievances related to the felling of trees. While the other two officers.

Pardew finally got a lucky break when Palace went ahead in the 33rd minute. As soon as Bolt came on, adding that he would be contesting as the Congress candidate and will take on the mayor in the upcoming elections. File picture of BCCI logo.I had always taken my time to assess the board carefully and plan my shots, says Yogesh Pardeshiwinner of two World Cupsone World Championship and two World Swiss League titles People thought players like me and (2001 World Champion) M Nataraj were history Lots of very good players definitely fell back? In the past too, eliminates tax evasion and other social costs of currency, 2015 12:35 am It is increasingly difficult for Pakistan to punish those who kill for religious reasons Related News There are many killers Pakistan cannot hang, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 3, one of Asia’s most popular festivals.

Salman’s best film till today! standing nearby managed to escape. “We will not go and break societal norms and we will not go and create cultural clashes, A slew of infrastructure projects, the BJP government in the state went into an intensive damage control exercise. read more

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